By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
Best Hip-Hop and Rap Songs | 2021

2021 has been one of the most impressive years musically. We have seen some of the heavy-hitters in the game drop bangers after bangers. There are plenty of hip-hop and rap songs from the legends to the freshmen class to celebrate this year. Check out the best hip-hop and rap songs of 2021! 

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
2021’s Top 10 Pop Songs

While plenty of artists have done their part in keeping the charts interesting in recent months, the most conspicuous thing is how the pop world has gravitated towards its most reliable pop stars over the past year. We are leaning more towards artists who are not in it for just one smash but as many as three or four in a row.

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
Découvrez leurs 10 chaînes coup de cœur de 2021

Les données ont été compilées, et nos auditeurs ont parlé. Voici les 10 chaînes Stingray Musique les plus populaires de 2021.

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
Stringray Music Listeners Have Spoken – Top 10 Music Channels of 2021

What channels had Stingray listeners raving in 2021? The data is in, and our listeners have spoken. Here are Stingray Music’s Top 10 Channels for 2021.

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
Goodbye 2021! Your Best End-of-Year Party Channels

One more trip around the sun is almost done!      

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
Souvenirs des Noëls d’hier

Commencez-vous à vous sentir nostalgique?      

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/01/2021
Merry Christmas Down Memory Lane

Feeling sentimental yet?     

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 11/30/2021
Vos fêtes, votre ambiance musicale

On approche de la fin novembre, et l’esprit des fêtes se faire sentir un peu partout.  

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 11/30/2021
The Many Moods of Christmas – Find Your Holiday Music

It’s late November, and the Holiday spirit is picking up steam.   

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 11/30/2021
La trame sonore du temps des fêtes – Trouvez votre style de musique de noël

Tout le monde en cœur : « Vive le vent, vive le vent, vive le vent d’hiver! »

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 11/30/2021
Les 5 meilleures chansons de karaoké des fêtes

Le temps des fêtes ne serait pas complet sans musique, ce qui est d’autant plus vrai pour les amateurs de karaoké. Si vous prévoyez célébrer les fêtes micro à la main, nous avons le palmarès qu’il vous faut. 

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 11/30/2021
TOP 5 Christmas Karaoke Songs

If you love karaoke, this Holiday season wouldn't be complete without music. You've probably been planning all year to host a celebration for the upcoming festivities.

By: Stingray Curators Fri, 11/26/2021
Shawn Mendes, Diana Ross, Lil Nas X: 2021 Stingray Music’s Guest Curators

What is your favorite artist or band listening to? Discover their playlist on Stingray Music!

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 11/25/2021
Listening Outside the Box | Unusual Music Channels Listeners Love

If there's one thing our music curators love, it's compiling fantastic, unique playlists for our listeners. Each one is created with care and consideration for what you, our listeners, want to hear. With over 2,000 channels available, it's easy to find playlists centered around your favorite artists or top tracks in all genres. However, maybe you’re ready for something new!  

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 11/25/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: 2021 Stingray Music’s Guest Curators

What is your favorite artist or band listening to? Listen to their playlist on Stingray Music!

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 11/25/2021
TOP Chansons Franco 2021

Découvrez notre sélection des 10 meilleures chansons francophones de l’année. 

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 11/24/2021
Top 10 Country Music Songs | 2021

Let’s take a look at the top 10 country music hits in 2021.

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 11/23/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: Los programadores invitados del 2021 para Stingray Music

Mira la lista de programadores invitados que seleccionaron música para ti en uno de nuestros canales en el año 2021!

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 11/22/2021
La musique hors des sentiers battus | Les chaînes inusitées préférées de nos auditeurs

S’il y a une chose que nos programmateurs musicaux adorent, c’est de développer des listes de lecture tout à fait uniques pour nos auditeurs. Chacune de ces listes est créée avec amour, soin et considération selon ce que vous – nos auditeurs – souhaitez entendre. En parcourant nos plus de 2 000 chaînes originales, vous trouverez aisément des sélections centrées sur vos artistes favoris ou vos styles musicaux de prédilection. Mais peut-être avez-vous envie de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau et d’inattendu?

By: Stingray Curators Sat, 11/20/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: Curadores convidados do Stingray Music em 2021

O que seu artista ou banda favoritos estão ouvindo? Ouça as playlists deles no Stingray Music!

By: Stingray Curators Fri, 11/19/2021
Soundtracking the Holidays – Find Your Fave Genre

All together now – “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…”  

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 10/07/2021
Cinq chaînes pour découvrir le jazz

Découvertes musicales : Le jazz, votre nouveau meilleur ami

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 10/07/2021
Discovering Music – Meet Jazz, Your New Best Friend

Imagine you’re at a party, and every guest represents a style of music. 
Pop hogs all the attention, dancing up a storm as usual. (Maybe you’ll join in later, after a few too many drinks.) 
Rock and Hip-Hop strut around with attitude, looking for trouble and fun (in that order). Interesting, but that’s just not your vibe this evening. 
Classical is off in a corner reading a book, while R&B reeks of cologne and flirts with everyone in sight. No thanks, guys. 
But wait… Who’s that lurking on the fringe, so low-profile and stylish, with a twinkle in the eye? 
Oh yeah, it’s Jazz! 
You’ve always wanted to meet them. You’ve heard great things, but they’re just so intimidating. 
Well, if you’re finally ready for an introduction, Stingray Music is the right place to be. 
Jazz is rich, charming, fascinating, and eager to meet you, too! 
So, where to begin? 
Break the ice with one of our Top Five Jazz Channels:  

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 09/20/2021
Metallica Turns 40!

No one likes hitting the big 4-0.

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 09/20/2021
10 Pop and Rock Star Costume Ideas for 2021

Stingray Recommends: Top 10 Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 09/08/2021
Get Your 80’s On – Stingray Has the Decade You Crave

Rewind! Best of the '80s

By: Stingray Curators Fri, 09/03/2021
The Best of Country Music | 2021 | Stingray Listeners Have Their Say

The Top 10 Most Played Songs on Stingray Hot Country in 2021 (so far!) 

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 09/02/2021
Here We Are Now, Entertain Us - Celebrating Grunge

30 years ago a handful of little-known, noisy bands briefly made Seattle the coolest city in the world. 

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 09/02/2021
Back-to-School Cool – September Essentials 

These back-to-school vibes are guaranteed to keep the good times flowing. 

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 08/16/2021
Summer Moods – Find Them All Here

Picture summer, and certain things instantly spring to mind: a beach or pool, someone attractive in sunglasses, or maybe a cocktail with a tiny paper umbrella.

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 08/16/2021
Get the Gang Together - Music for Your Summer Fun

Music and friends go together like sand and sunshine, beers and backyards, campfire and night skies. Well, you get the idea!

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 07/21/2021
The power of music

Here is a sampling of the diverse voices and Stingray Music channels that you can check out now on Stingray!

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 07/21/2021
Summer Time Travel - Find Your Favorite Era

There’s something about summer that makes us especially nostalgic.

By: Stingray Curators Thu, 07/08/2021
Summer Music – Find That Perfect Genre

Like ice cream, summer comes in many flavours. Cool evenings under a super moon, breezy afternoons in the park, scorchers by the pool, and those hazy, wet days where raindrops seem to sizzle as they hit the sidewalk. After a long winter, we love them all! And whatever kind of summer day you get, there’s a perfect genre to match the mood. Want to dial up that city heat? Hip-hop or reggaeton does the trick. Or maybe blue skies have you in dancing mode, craving Top 40, electro or house. The right genre makes any summer moment that much better, and Stingray puts them all right at your fingertips with style-specific playlists and tags that make it easy to find just what you want. Ready to explore? Here are some great places to start - just press play and summer away:

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 06/29/2021
Canada Day - Top 10 Canadian Songs of All Time

Canada Day - Top 10 Canadian Songs of the Year

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 06/29/2021
Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 | Des concerts à ne pas manquer

Le meilleur du Montreux Jazz Festival 2021

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 06/28/2021
TOP 10 de votre été

Alors que la belle saison bat son plein, nos programmateurs ont pris le temps dresser la liste des 10 chansons qui vous offrent la trame sonore de cet été 2021! Alors, quels sont ces vers d’oreilles à côté desquels nous ne pouvons pas passer?

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 06/21/2021
Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 | Must-Watch Shows

Here are the MUST-WATCH livestreams of the season! Catch the Montreux Jazz Festival from wherever you are!

By: Stingray Curators Mon, 06/21/2021
Discover Canada’s Exciting Indigenous Scene

If this is your introduction to a thriving music scene, you’re in for a treat! Today’s Indigenous music refuses to be put in a box. It’s crafted by unique and diverse artists from coast to coast, who draw on every genre to fashion fresh sounds.

By: Stingray Curators Fri, 06/18/2021
Célébrez la Saint-Jean avec Stingray Musique!

Que vous ayez prévu de partir à l’aventure en camping, de déambuler dans les rues du vieux Québec ou de griller quelques côtes levées sur le barbecue dans votre cour, Stingray Musique et PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray vous accompagneront une fois de plus dans vos célébrations de la Saint-Jean! Découvrez notre programmation spéciale de la fête nationale.

By: Stingray Curators Fri, 06/11/2021
Celebrate Father's Day with music!

But what qualifies as good “Father’s Day music”? (Unfortunately, there are no carols to fall back on.) Science and common sense tell us no two dads are alike. Even the same dad comes in different versions, depending on the day and mood… But don’t panic!

By: Stingray Curators Fri, 06/04/2021
That perfect summer soundtrack? Find it here!

Need a little inspiration? We’ve got over 100 summer channels to explore!

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/18/2019
TOP 30 | Best Songs of 2019

Discover our Music Curators' TOP 25 songs of the year!

By: Stingray Curators Wed, 12/11/2019
TOP de la décennie | Franco Québec

C’est non sans peine que nous avons créé ce TOP 15, difficile de se limiter à 15 noms! Voici donc, selon nous, la liste des artistes québécois francophones ayant le plus marqué la décennie!

By: Stingray Curators Tue, 09/11/2018
KAABOO Del Mar 2018 | 9 Must-See Shows

Don’t miss a minute of the show, RSVP to the KAABOO live stream at and you'll get a reminder when your favorite artists take the stage. To watch the live stream, all you need to do is connect to an existing Stingray Qello account or log into