Best Workout Music Channels

By: Stingray CuratorsTue, 12/14/2021

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts and athletes sometimes struggle with getting the motivation to get up and work towards their fitness goals. There are just those days you have to dig really deep to start your new running program or stick to your yoga routine. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting inspired in the gym, motivation doesn't just materialize when you need it.

Music playlists to workout

Sometimes you will need an entirely new level of motivation to get moving. The good thing is that the right workout soundtrack is always a good place to start. When you are feeling stuck, music is always an excellent way to stay motivated. Here we cover the best music channels for breaking a sweat with some of the hottest tracks that will get you through your workout sessions.

1. Top 40 Workout

Do you have a lifting session soon, and you are struggling to find the motivation? Well, raise your heartbeat with high-intensity remixes of tracks that rose to the top of the charts in the past five years. You are guaranteed that this playlist will get you pumped. You will enjoy some of the best catchy and high-energy beats ideal for masking all the grunting, huffing, and puffing.

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2. Hip-Hop for Weightlifting

Are you ready to get pumped? Give your weightlifting workout a jolt of endorphins with this powerful hip-hop mix that will help you push through the pain. This channel has some of the hardest hip-hop hits that are carefully curated to help keep you in that beast mode at the gym.

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3. ‘80s Pop Workout

How about we sweat to those oldies? We can all agree; there is nothing quite like high-energy '80s beats! Put on your best neon spandex and start moving to hits that make working out fun! With this channel, you will throw it back to ‘80s pop which is ideal for feeling the burn at the gym.

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4. Intense Metal Gym Mix

Are you looking for a music channel that will have you channeling the energy and angst of Nirvana? Look no further as the this mix, which features the ideal collection for weightlifting metalheads. We have the most intense and hard-rocking songs that'll keep you pumped and ready to get sweaty.

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5. Yoga Delight

Get back that yoga groove. The channel features meditative piano and electro sounds to help you find the ideal balance and leave you feeling Zen. This is just the channel for you if you are looking for a solid stretch or a cool down. It will help you end your workout on a more centered note.

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If you want to break a sweat but are struggling to find the right motivation, you now have a list of five music channels that will get you pumped. From biking, strength training to running, these channels have the best pump-up jams across all genres.