By: MathieuFri, 05/18/2018
Top 10 | Rock Covers Music Videos

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the artists whose songs have been reimagined into ear-bursting rock anthems must be blushing from head to toe! This countdown of surprising rock takes has it all, from angrily reinvented ‘80s electro-pop track to rowdy remakes of funk classics.

By: NoémiSun, 05/13/2018
Top 10 | I love you, Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re looking back at ten unforgettable musical tributes from daughters and sons to the women who raised them. Here are heartwarming and heart-wrenching tracks that perfectly capture the essence of what it means to be a mother.

By: SophieTue, 05/01/2018
Artists to Watch | May 2018

From viral sensations to mysterious up-and-comers, 2018 has already produced an incredible crop of new artists that remind us why we listen to new music at all, and what it can do on emotional and social levels. Here are some of our favorites so far. They are the future.

By: SophieFri, 04/20/2018
Top 10 | Cheesiest Music Videos

From special effects straight out of a middle-school science fair to over-enthusiastic choreographies in balloon pants (we’re looking at you oddly-permed boy bands); green screen disasters; magnificent, windswept mullets; and jeans so tight it’s a wonder they didn’t affect an entire generation’s fertility; this countdown as all the gooey, cheesy goodness you’ll want to watch over, and over again.

By: RosaThu, 04/19/2018
Música para todos | Novedades 2018

Una producción recién sacada del horno es “25/7” del conocido cantautor Víctor Manuelle. El álbum que celebra los 25 años de trayectoria del salsero boricua revela mezclas musicales variadas, temas de salsa con un toque urbano como es "Amarte duro" ft. Farruko, y otros más clásicos como "Salsa pa' olvidar las penas" con Gilberto Santa Rosa. ¡Este disco no puede faltar en las fiestas de este verano!

By: FrederikeTue, 04/17/2018
Artists to Watch | jazzahead! 2018

jazzahead! is an exhibition and meeting point for the international jazz scene. Since its premiere in 2006, the event has enriched the regional and national cultural scenes with high quality and diverse jazz as well as international flair. With its unique concept combining showcases, conferences, and exhibitions– all revolving around the central topic of jazz, jazzahead has become the must-attend networking event for the global jazz community.

By: NoémiFri, 04/06/2018
Top 10 | Coachella Must-See Artists

Times they are a-changin’ and music is constantly evolving. Coachella began as one of the best festivals for rock, indie, underground hip-hop, electronic, and avant-garde artists outside the realm of commercialized music monarchy. For the first time in history, Coachella is running without a single rock headliner (this year's headliners: The Weeknd, Beyonce, and Eminem) and not everyone is stoked about it. Musical tastes aside, one can experience the production value and scale that comes with huge artists paired with the authenticity and accessibility of smaller acts. Keep reading for our top 10 must-see artists worthy of all the attention.

By: SophieThu, 03/22/2018
Top 10 | Iconic Canadian Music Videos

In honour of the 2018 JUNO Awards, we are proud to celebrate the iconic artists from Coast to Coast who proved to the world that Canada plays in the big leagues (if you got the Tom Cochrane reference, we bow our tuque to your profound Canadianness!)

By: MathieuFri, 03/16/2018
Top 10 | Spring Break Heat Wave

Even if spending a week tanning on a white sand beach or chilling poolside is nothing but a dream, these party-ready, bikini-clad music videos will inject you with a much-needed dose of Vitamin D.

By: NoémiTue, 03/13/2018
Top 10 | Bon Jovi Karaoke Tracks

Rock Hall-bound rockers Bon Jovi have more than their share of big hits. The band is not only cherished by old-school rock fans, but also by listeners who prefer high-octane live rock to casual blues grooves. Nobody does it better than Bon Jovi, and their '80s sound still resonates in the 21st century.