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Top 10 | Hey 2018

Author: Noémi / Date: 17/01/2018 / Tags: Top 10
Here are a few tracks that’ll pump you up/motivate/ignite your inner fire for the next 365 days. Let’s lead this year with love and an open heart.

Top 10 | Motivation Channels

Author: Nedjma / Date: 09/01/2018 / Tags: Top 10
We don’t believe in resolutions, but we sure believe in living our best lives. So whatever, that means to you, we’ve got supercharged music channels that’ll motivate you to reach your goals in 2018!

Top 10 | Albums Franco 2017

Author: Charles / Date: 15/12/2017 / Tags: Top 10
À une époque où l’on écoute de moins en moins d’albums dans leur intégralité, l’année 2017, nous gâte en disque de ce type. Voici les meilleurs albums de l'année 2017 qui sauront vous conduire dans un univers musical étroitement ficelé.

Top 10 | Best Music Videos of 2017

Author: Sophie / Date: 14/12/2017 / Tags: Top 10
From candy-colored escapism to gritty realism, epic storytelling, and empowering messages of self-acceptance, this year’s Top 10 has something for everyone. Can you guess which 2017 anthem we crowned number one?

Top 10 | Best Albums of 2017

Author: Zac / Date: 13/12/2017 / Tags: Top 10
Yes, this is a “TOP TEN” list, but these albums don’t need to be rated or organized from best to slightly less-best. There is no countdown here, any of these albums could sit anywhere on a list of ten.  We just loved these albums and wanted you to love them like we do.

Top 10 | Chansons Franco 2017

Author: Charles / Date: 07/12/2017 / Tags: Top 10
L’année 2017 aura été riche en chansons francophones inspirées et étoffées. Celles-ci suscitent toutes de belles émotions. De plus, elles ont une qualité commune, la démarche artistique sincère.

Top 10 | Best Songs of 2017

Author: Noémi / Date: 06/12/2017 / Tags: Top 10
2017 has been intense. Artists have never had more reason to express themselves. From Queens of the Stone Age to Frank Ocean, 2017 was a huge and personal statement from major artists. Welcome to 2017’s top 10 songs.