By: KarenTue, 03/06/2018
We Gotta Be Funky!

What a pleasure it was to see the collaboration between the greatest Dutch funk band and the greatest saxophone player of the Netherlands, Amsterdam Funk Orchestra and Benjamin Herman!

The concert started off with a couple of songs from Amsterdam Funk Orchestra, composed by bandleader Efraim Trujillo. A good warm-up for the audience! Varying from one funky song to the other, it gave various instrumentalists the opportunity to play a solo. This made me appreciate not only the collective sound of the band but also the virtuosity of each individual player! 

By: TeresaMon, 02/26/2018
The Gospel of Gregory Porter

From the moment he walked on stage until after the encore, two-time Grammy award-winning American singer-songwriter Gregory Porter, captured the attention of the sold-out crowd at his February 23 concert at the Maison Symphonique de Montréal during the Montreal En Lumière festival. Backed by a 5 piece band, Porter’s baritone voice powerfully filled the room for almost two hours. It was easy to turn off the outside world with all its troubles and fall under Porter’s captivating spell into his soulful world of song.

By: Pierre-JeanWed, 01/10/2018
Fresh Vibe | To the Edge and Back

The term “Space Jazz” has been thrown around quite lousily in the past couple of decades, so let’s take this opportunity to lock down the term and turn the page.

By: NoémiThu, 11/30/2017
Top 10 | Holiday Prep Tracks

Already counting down the days ‘til Christmas? Whether you’re getting ready for an insane Holiday TV binge (hibernation mode for the win) or quality time with the fam, here are our top 10 go-to tracks guaranteed to bring Holiday cheer (tune in while sipping a venti gingerbread latte with extra whipped cream). 

By: NoémiMon, 11/27/2017
Utopia by Björk

Björk Guðmundsdóttir is: warmth, light, darkness, intensity, beauty, purity, boldness, depth, hope, love, hyper ballads, technicolor, catharsis, and every single other word in the dictionary.

By: SydneyWed, 07/19/2017

Jazzamboka have been named the Stingray Rising Star Award winners at Montreal International Jazz Festival 2017! The band is made up of Emile Farley (electric bass), Julien Fillion (saxophone), Félix Le Blanc (keyboard / piano), Elli Miller-Maboungou (ngoma – congolese drums), and Noel Mpiaza (drums/vocals). They are signed with the label 270 Sessions and have been playing together for 3 years. The band notes that their main musical influences are: Avishai Cohen, Tambours de Brazzas, Lionel Loueke, Tigran Hamasyan, and Fally Ipupa. They plan to use their prize money to go on tour in the coming months.

By: SydneyWed, 07/19/2017
Youth Summit Winners | Ottawa Jazz Festival

The TD Jazz Youth Summit at Ottawa Jazz Festival is one of Stingray's favourite Rising Star programs. The summit allows young jazz musicians from across Canada to learn from and perform with amazing established talent at a real festival. To learn more about the program head to the festival's website.

By: HitskeThu, 07/13/2017
The Crowd Goes Wild! Day One at the 2017 North Sea Jazz Festival

The 2017 edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival started with long lines at the Ahoy Rotterdam. But the beautiful weather had everyone in a good mood and no one complained about the extra security.

By: WouterWed, 07/12/2017
Dutchie at the Festival international de jazz de Montréal

What can you expect from the Festival international de jazz de Montréal when you're used to the North Sea Jazz Festival? This question popped into my head a few months ago when I boarded a transatlantic flight that would bring me to Montreal. This city, known for its chilly winters, boasts a legendary festival season that culminates in the Festival international de jazz de Montréal.

By: StingrayMon, 07/10/2017
Africa Oyé, Liverpool, England | Concert Review

Africa Oyé