By: NoémiThu, 05/31/2018
#SocialStatus | May 2018

Calling all Instagram addicts! We’ve got a wild selection of artists for this month’s #SocialStatus roundup! Whether you’re craving new tracks for your summer playlist or simply down for some sick beats, keep on reading! Here are our fresh finds for the summer:

By: BrianWed, 05/30/2018
Daytona | Pusha T

We all said it: ''7. That’s it?!'' How will everything we have been waiting for since 2015, be discussed and addressed in only seven tracks? Yet, here we are, 2018 and Pusha T has dropped DAYTONA, and the fans have been rewarded with quality over quantity. Originally one half of the duo The Clipse with Malice (now known as No Malice), Pusha T is not shy about his past life as a drug pusher. As hip-hop has stepped away from the pusher scene and into the user scene, is Pusha’s message still relevant?

By: AmandaMon, 04/30/2018
#SocialStatus | April 2018

Calling all Instagram addicts! We’ve got a fresh selection of artists for this month’s #SocialStatus roundup! If you’re the kind of IG scroller looking for new musical content in your feed or simply want to discover fire new tracks, keep on reading!

By: SashaFri, 04/20/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of April 16

Craving fresh sounds? Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: MaartenTue, 04/17/2018
News | DAMN. that Pulitzer!

Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer for Music for his album DAMN. and we should all take a moment to understand the historical implication of this moment.

By: NoémiMon, 04/16/2018
Cardi B | Invasion of Privacy


By: CharlesThu, 04/05/2018
Dead Obies | Stingray PausePlay

Rencontre avec les rappeurs de l’heure, c’est-à-dire Dead Obies. C’est avec des fous rires et sous forme de jeu que nous découvrons qui est le plus baveux, le plus drôle, le plus torturé ou même le plus « Diva »! On découvre les artistes qu’ils respectent, on en apprend sur leur dynamique de groupe et ils nous révèlent leurs habitudes avant de monter sur scène. Bref, un bel entretien « Straight up »!

By: NoémiThu, 04/05/2018
Q&A | Estelle

We sat down with Estelle and talk about her music and her evolution throughout the years. This interview is part of our exclusive coverage leading up the 2018 Sing Jazz festival.

By: BrianTue, 04/03/2018
No News Is Good News by Phonte

I was maybe 25 when I met Phonte. I was late to one of his shows at B.B. King’s near Time Square in NYC (which sounds easy to get to but with all the tourists, just walking a block sometimes feels like an hour). I walked, and Phonte was standing right there, talking with someone. Since I had no shame, I walked over and full on interrupted to ask for a pic.

By: NoémiTue, 04/03/2018
Dead Obies | Chaîne Vedette

Jonché par leurs textes, qui prennent la forme de fresques entrecroisées, le sextuor montréalais Dead Obies secoue curieusement la scène hip-hop québécoise. Voici leurs chansons éclatées et diversifiées, ainsi que leurs incontournables. La chaîne vedette Dead Obies est offerte du 3 avril au 30 avril, 2018.