Get Your 80’s On – Stingray Has the Decade You Crave

By: Stingray CuratorsWed, 09/08/2021
'80s music

What is it about the 80’s that makes the decade so damn cool pushing 40? 

Maybe it was the speed of change – so many exciting new artists breaking all the rules.  

Rock with synths and no guitars? Sure. 

Speaking lyrics instead of singing them? Sounds dope. 

Chart-topping videos featuring gnomes frolicking through medieval villages? Yes please! 

New wave, rap, rock, alternative, metal, RnB – these curated vibes explore every corner of a landmark music era that refuses to go away.


Rewind! Best of the ‘80s 

Touched by the ‘80s 

Like Totally ‘80s Dance Party 

It’s Outrageous! ‘80s RnB Party 

Smooth Operators: ‘80’s Soft Rock Hits

Going Underground: The ‘80s 

Hair Metal Madness 

Neon Spandex 

Breakdance Mix Tape