The power of music

By: Stingray CuratorsWed, 07/21/2021

As an entertainment medium, Stingray understands the need to speak up, call for justice, normalize and advocate for inclusion, diversity and equality, demonstrating why we value and celebrate diverse voices. “We can have an immense impact on how society views these things.” 

Here is a sampling of the diverse voices and Stingray Music channels that you can check out now on Stingray. 

Black History Month & Black Music Month

black music


We released a new collection of “Black Playback” channels highlighting the impact black artists have had of all genres of music.

Listen to these channels, celebrating Black Music

Pride Month

pride music


Check out our “Pride Essential” playlists, as well as some guest curator pride channels.

Pride essentials channels

Guest Curated Channels

National Indigenous Peoples Day

indigenous music channels


We recently released a brand new collection of Indigenous channels for National Indigenous Peoples Day

Browse our collection of indigenous music channels

Women’s History Day/Month

women celebration music


We have an extensive collection of women empowerment channels, such as: