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By: StingrayMon, 07/26/2021
toosii interview stingray rising stars

Toosii is one of rap’s most relatable emerging talents. The American artist tells jarringly honest tales of street life and lost love, detailing his journey from a lost kid surrounded by tragedy to a national sensation full of promise. Toosii dropped two career-defining records in 2020: Platinum Heart and Poetic Pain found him exploring an immersive mix of R&B and rap, effortlessly blending catchy melodies. Learn all about the rapper, Stingray’s next Rising Star, in this interview!  

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                                 What’s a day in the life for you?  

If I don’t have a show or if I’m not traveling, I wake up, brush my teeth, and go to Starbucks usually to get a grande medicine ball with four pumps of honey and extra lemonade. Then I go home, play a game (COD War Zone usually), and then start recording at my home studio. Sometimes I record first then play the game – it depends on how I’m feeling. Then I might take a break to watch a movie; after that, it’s back to recording. Then I cuddle all night with my girl.

What keeps you up at night?   

I got a lot of people to take care of – I have to take care of 10+ people, and I don’t even got kids yet. Siblings, their kids, my mom, everyone. I gotta take care of the family. That’s what keeps me up at night.   

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?   

Sushi, calamari, and oysters… never again. It’s all nasty! Yuck!  

What are three things on your bucket list?  

Get a big acting role in a film Become a real estate mogul I want to have my own shoe – like a collaboration with a major shoe brand  

What’s a hidden talent that you have?   

I know how to flip real good – I use to do gymnastics.  

Have you ever forgotten a lyric on stage? What is it like?   

Yeah, I have, but I just let the crowd sing it, lol. Luckily they usually know all the words.  

What’s the weirdest thing that a fan has ever done for you or given to you?   

A pair of panties, lol.  

What’s the third last picture that you took on your phone? Show and tell!   

A photo from a birthday party I just performed at – I just performed at Vince Carter’s daughter’s birthday party yesterday – so that’s that photo.   

If you could only perform one song for the rest of your life, which would you pick?   

Probably “Truth Be Told” or “Love Cycle.”  

What is the most important thing about making music for you?   

Touching the people. I make music for my fans and supporters, so them feeling it and loving it is the most important thing.  

What failure have you learned the most from?   

Probably putting my life in other people’s hands – that’s something I’ll never do again. That goes for my life, my career, etc. I’m responsible for my own success. No one is gonna go harder for me than me.  


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