Learn to Read with Stingray Karaoke! Staycation Edition!

By: Aleesha P.Mon, 08/02/2021
Learn to Read with Karaoke Visual

Sing your heart out on Stingray Karaoke! The best place to find all your sing along favorites! 😊 Learn to read and/or learn a new language!

Stingray Karaoke – Learning Benefits by Singing Along!

Stay-cation anyone?! Pop some beach towels in the living room, put on your bathing suits, spaghetti noodles, beach toys & some fruity juice boxes in a sand bucket and let’s get this at home beach KARAOKE partyaaaaaay starrrrted! “Cha cha slide” anyone!? Or the “Pokémon” theme song by Billy Crawford?! Let your tiny tots sing their hearts out and keep busy for HOURS to all their faaveee songs on Stingray Karaoke!

The EPIC learning benefits of Karaoke includes:

  • learning a new language,
  • develop motor skills,
  • an encouraging learning environment,
  • learn at your own pace and
  • relieves the pressure of traditional learning methods!

Heck YEAH to singing “Best Summer Ever” by Cast Of Teen Beach 2 (Disney Original), “Let It Go” by the cast of Frozen, or if you’re a cool cat, might wanna sing “Chillin’ Like a Villain” by Disney Descendants 2. The visual language cues on the screen, shows kids that reading is from left to right - by the yellow highlight filling the subtitles as the song plays!

Stingray Karaoke – A Form of Self Expression for Young Minds!

Elsa, Simba, Moana, Sharpay, Belle, all characters we ©©©! Just like when we leave the movie theaters and believe we are the main characters (lol!) - singing karaoke encourages kids to embody the identity of their favorite song character! YAAAY! By singing “We’re All in this Together” from Highschool musical & plenty of other hit songs!

Try taking the Stingray Karaoke experience a step further and ask your child to create their own short fiction story from singing their favorite song!

Most important thing to remember while doing karaoke is…. To have a BLAST! 😊

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