Canada Day - Top 10 Canadian Songs of All Time

By: Stingray CuratorsTue, 06/29/2021
Canada Day - Top 10 Canadian Songs of the Year

Canada Day Music - It’s Only Rock and Roll (But We Like It)!

Canada is a big place- and you can find just about every kind of music here. But if you had to pick a national genre, it would probably be rock.

We Canadians like to rock about as much as we enjoy watching hockey, lounging by lakes, and apologizing.

Maybe it’s because the Canadian Shield covers half the country. And when you factor in the Rockies, well, that’s a whole lot of rock across the land!

So with Canada Day around the corner, Stingray Music asked rockologist Stu Jeffries and legendary rockers Loverboy to choose their Top 10 Canadian Rock songs of all time. And - drum roll, please - here they are:


1. Summer of '69

- Bryan Adams

2. New Orleans Is Sinking

- The Tragically Hip

3. Life is a Highway

- Tom Cochrane

4. Takin' Care of Business

- Bachman Turner Overdrive

5. Tom Sawyer

- Rush

6. Working for the Weekend

- Loverboy

7. American Woman

- The Guess Who

8. Bobcaygeon

- The Tragically Hip

9. Roll on Down the Highway

- Bachman Turner Overdrive

10. Heart of Gold

- Neil Young


Curious to hear their other all-time faves? Their channels are sure to get your long weekend rocking, loaded with stone-cold classics quarried right here at home.

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