Escape The Blues With Music This Blue Monday

By: Stingray CuratorsFri, 01/07/2022
Blue Monday

If you find yourself feeling a bit low in January, you’re not alone.

For many, it’s simply a post-holidays hangover on top of that bloated Christmas credit card bill. Others have a tough time with the colder, darker days. And of course, a worldwide pandemic doesn’t help!

In 2004, a psychologist came up with the term “Blue Monday” to describe the third Monday in January – supposedly the precise moment people feel their winter blues the most.

But let’s face it, bad feelings refuse to follow any schedule. Instead, think of it as a day to consider mental health and be kinder to yourself and others.

And while there’s no easy fix to many of life’s challenges, it’s a proven fact that music increases happiness – even sad songs! (Morrissey fans have known this for years).

In that spirit, the busy bees at Stingray have come up with a selection of s to lift your mood. And if none of these do the trick, there are plenty more endorphin-boosting channels to choose from. Heck, if doom metal is your feel-good pick – crank it up!

Happy listening – and remember that talking helps too. Reach out to someone when you need to – we’re all on this ship together.