Music to Keep You Warm This Winter

By: Stingray CuratorsWed, 01/05/2022
Music to Keep You Warm This Winter

Let’s face it, fleeing the cold weather just ain’t as easy as it used to be. 

The days when you could throw a towel into a bag and hop on the next flight to Anywhere But Here are starting to feel like a dream.

Depending on how badly you miss that sunny vacation, you may feel tempted to take drastic measures, including heat lamps, indoor kiddie pools, and sand in the living room à la Brian Wilson.

But if you’re not quite that desperate – yet wouldn’t mind feeling warm and far away for a while – music is your ticket!

These curated channels from some of the world’s sunniest places are guaranteed to get you past any travel restriction and into your happy place.

So crank up the volume, pour yourself the fanciest cocktail you can manage, and take in some fun and sun with Stingray this winter.