The Many Moods of Christmas – Find Your Holiday Music

By: Stingray CuratorsTue, 11/30/2021
Christmas Music Every Mood

It’s late November, and the Holiday spirit is picking up steam. 

Some of us have even been playing carols, buying stocking stuffers, and ordering turkeys since October. (Guilty as charged!)  Too much time in shopping malls will do that!  

Not feeling it yet? That’s ok. The Holidays are like a Squid Game challenge – everyone moves at their own pace.  

Whatever your level of Christmas cheer, eventually, the season is inescapable. You will be the DJ at an office party, planning dinner with distant relatives, or just admiring the gentle fall of snowflakes under streetlights. And when that happens, you will need some good festive music, pronto!    

Thankfully, Stingray Music has options for every mood this Christmas. Feeling cozy and romantic? We got you. Amping up for a boozy night with old friends? Press play. Just trying to settle down the kids? There’s a vibe for that, too!

So, rest easy, friends – when that Holiday feeling finally strikes, you will be good to go. Here are some staff picks to get you started: 

Feeling Cozy


Feeling the Party


Family Fun


Family Spiritual


Feeling Nostalgic


Feeling Centered