Suki Waterhouse on Going Viral With “Good Looking” 

By: MassimoMon, 09/19/2022
Suki Waterhouse Good Looking TikTok Radio

Stingray Music and TikTok Radio are getting Behind the Beat with Suki Waterhouse and her hit song “Good Looking.” The song became a hit, garnering millions of views and appearing in over 300,000 videos on TikTok. Suki Waterhouse shares her story about “Good Looking” and her favorite TikTok trend.

When Suki Waterhouse knew “Good Looking” was a Hit

Good Looking is a song I wrote about six years ago, and I never expected it to have a moment on TikTok. I started noticing that it was having a viral moment, and there wasn't really a particular trend. There were a bunch of different trends, which was so cool to see because I got to witness the song take on so many different forms. I absolutely love everything about it. 

Suki Waterhouse’s favorite TikTok trend

Right now, I am loving the “Under the Table” Fiona Apple trend just because I think everybody's being really funny with it and kind of also just rediscovering and appreciating Fiona Apple and her lyrical genius. So, I love seeing that.

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