Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Stingray Naturescape 

By: Aleesha P.Thu, 09/15/2022
Stingray Naturescape - Hispanic Heritage Month

What is Hispanic Heritage Month? 

Starting September 15, Stingray Naturescape invites globetrotters, to tune in to special programming for Hispanic Heritage Month. It specifically recognizes the declarations for the independence of several Latin American nations, celebrated annually. With a comprehensive catalog of services, Stingray honors the rich history, contributions, and culture of the US Latinx and Hispanic communities.  

Things to do to celebrate Hispanic heritage  

Stingray Naturescape sets sail on this scenic voyage starting September 15. It is the perfect time to focus on paying tribute to Latinx people and their many global contributions to society. An excellent way to commemorate this day is to read literature and biographies that recognize their achievements. Set the mood by turning on Stingray Naturescape, and let the learning session begin! If little ones are present, encourage them to draw the scenery pictured.  

We invite all viewers with access to the Stingray Naturescape free, ad-supported channel to tune in for Hispanic Heritage Month! Stingray Naturescape is available on Channelbox, LG Channels, Pluto TV, Rakuten TV, Redbox, Samsung TV Plus, STIRR, Vizio Free Channels, Local Now TV, and Xumo. Or watch on linear or video on demand with operators like Comcast, Cox, Optimum by Altice, Bell, Videotron, and Rogers.