World Water Day Activities To Do in 2022

By: Aleesha P.Tue, 03/15/2022
 International Water Day

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day is an important event to say thanks for the access to clean drinking water. Tune in to Stingray Naturescape on March 22nd, to truly immerse yourself in the exquisite programming. Visit beautiful water reserves across destinations like Barracuda Lake, Rainforest Waterfall in Costa Rica, or the Emerald Lake in the French Alps, and more.

Activity ideas to celebrate World Water Day 2022

International Water Day is a great opportunity to learn about water related issues. This special day was originated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development on March 22nd, 1993. A great way to make the learning experience interactive and tangible, is to encourage kids to interact and engage with the programming creatively, thus creating paintings, drawings, and more to mark the special day! Or simply tune in and watch Stingray Naturescape, to soak in all the natural water sceneries!

Ways to reduce water usage

To help understand the importance of our own daily water consumption habits, a 'water diary' is great tool. Use the diary to log all of your daily habits, such as brushing teeth, doing laundry, watering plants, washing the dishes, etc. It’s important to be mindful of waste. Did you Know: In some countries, women walk up to 15 kilometers to retrieve 15L of clean water to last the whole day. Four gallons of water is the average amount of water consumption for a family and needs them 1-2 days. With that being said, we hope this article was informative and encourages everyone to lower their water usage when they can, to keep the earth happy.

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