Self-Care Sunday with Stingray Naturescape

By: Aleesha P.Fri, 01/14/2022
Stingray Naturescape - Self care Sunday

Stingray Naturescape is a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants to transform their homes into a peaceful, relaxing oasis. From inspirational sunrises at dawn to meditative scenery in the afternoon and time-lapse imagery at dusk, Stingray Naturescape is an invitation to see the world in a whole new way.
Here’s 3 simple steps to get into the self-reflection mind frame while watching the channel.  

Set Daily Intentions 

The process of setting daily intentions can be intimidating, but shouldn’t be! Waking up earlier can help and allow more time in the morning to implement these routines. Grab a coffee, light a candle, turn on the TV to the Stingray Naturescape channel and let the journaling begin!  
Use this phrase "Today, I intend to [fill in the blank] " to get the ball rolling with ideas. Some examples can be; Be present in the moment, etc. This can either be written down in a journal or in the notes section on your phone. By setting daily intentions, you make a commitment to yourself. 

Practice Gratitude  

This is a big one! Gratitude is the catalyst for happiness. Focusing on what one has, is an extremely powerful tool. Launch the Stingray Naturescape channel, close your eyes and take a deep breath to the sounds of nature. Take a moment to write down what you’re truly grateful for, whether it’s tangible or not. Some examples of things to be grateful for can be: family, good friends, shelter, pets, the list can go on and on!  

Power of Affirmation 

Our personal favourite is the power of affirmation. It all truly starts with you believing in yourself, then the rest will come. Brainstorm different affirmations while meditating to Naturescape to bring you to your deepest realm of self-reflection.  

In the movie “The Help” directed by Tate Taylor, every night the mother would tuck her daughter into bed and had her repeat a simple affirmation. Which was, “You are kind. You are smart. And you are important.” A small gesture, but a powerful tool in building the mind.  
Therefore, when writing down your affirmations, make it concise, write them on post-its and stick them somewhere that you will see them often. 

As we start this New Year, step into the New You, with confidence! Resolutions that are a commitment to ones self are worth sharing.  

We invite all viewers with access to the Stingray Naturescape free, ad-supported channel to tune in to get your dose of peaceful sceneries. Stingray Naturescape is available on: Samsung, Pluto, Xumo, LG Channels, Vizio, STIRR, Plex TV, Distro TV, Freebie TV, Redbox, Freecast and Local Now TV. However, simply celebrate by watching on linear or video on demand with operators like Altice.