What is the future of music?

By: StingrayThu, 09/15/2022

Music has been a driving force in the entertainment industry since there was one. At each turn, music has had a meaningful impact on growth and monetization potential for businesses. 

In 2022, we are witnessing the evolution of technological advances fused with music across new devices that seamlessly integrate with everyday life experiences. Hyper-personalized streaming playlists or "borrowed" music twinned with user-generated videos on social platforms continue to capture this generation's zeitgeist while simultaneously breathing new life into songs of the past. 

Music curation and distribution 

At Stingray, we’ve been tapping into that zeitgeist for decades across a shrinking globe in nearly every language and music genre imaginable. We’ve been unleashing the power of music across connected platforms and devices for over 20 years, with over 2,000 expertly curated music playlists, hundreds of channels carried on TV, radio, OTT, mobile, and online, unique concert and live streaming experiences, relaxation apps, and more. Furthermore, since first developing Video on Demand (VOD), we've continued to innovate by creating the first globally provisioned karaoke service across platforms from Comcast and Verizon to Roku, Pluto, and Amazon. But that was just the beginning. 

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Music technology for connected travel 

The future of music lives in the user experience, in whatever they do and wherever they go. In the young history of electric vehicles, the experience has been adapted into robust infotainment systems that delight drivers and have become a hallmark of connected travel. Today, every Tesla sold can stream over 70,000 Stingray Karaoke tracks, from Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline to Disney’s Moana soundtrack. Pairing our Stingray Karaoke in-vehicle app with specially designed microphones now gives drivers and passengers access to voice enhancements like auto-tune and pitch recognition. All seamlessly mixed into the car's audio and visual systems. The service includes recording, scoring, and sharing your performance with others. Next up in our pipeline are personalized playlists that we plan to pair with AR/VR and in-car cameras. This feature enables a fully connected universe of Carpool Karaoke crooners, simulating a live concert performance, all from the rear passenger seat in their new EV SUV. 

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Jim Riley

United States Operations

Hyper-personalized music experience 

As Advertising-based Video On Demand (AVOD) and Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) continue to explode, we are responding by enabling hyper-personalized experiences. Those that are designed to engage and delight viewers and listeners. Whether it’s paired with video or genre and theme-based playlists, these new smart products allow for niche experiences to come to life. One example is Calm Radio, which blends nature sounds like beach waves and waterfalls with gentle melodic tracks and guided meditation. 

It’s no surprise that mobile and social platforms continue to connect to everything in our lives. Music’s lasting influence powers innovations that enable even more personalization. Take, for instance, pairing your favorite tracks with your favorite online games or user-generated content and virtual concerts in the metaverse that can reach music lovers on every continent. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, music is fueling value creation for artists and labels, and consumers who use these tools to weave their music into their everyday experiences. 

Music has, and always will, connect us with those seminal moments that define our lives. Innovative tech designers, devices, and platforms continue to provide tools to enhance that in new and inventive ways to create, share, experience, and express. At Stingray, we help power the innovation, creativity, and gamification that continues to shape how music will impact our lives in the decades to come.