INJI on Creating the Viral Hit ‘Gaslight’ 

By: MassimoWed, 09/14/2022
INJI Viral TikTok Song Gaslight

Stingray Music and TikTok Radio are getting Behind The Beat with INJI and her hit song ‘Gaslight’. INJI describes it as a satirical song not meant to be taken seriously. The song became a hit overnight, garnering millions of views and was used in over 1.9 million videos on TikTok. She shares her story about how she wrote ‘Gaslight’ and her favorite TikTok trend.

When INJI Knew ‘Gaslight’ Was a Hit

It's a pretty funny story because I made the song completely as a joke. I did not mean for it to be serious. My friend and I were messing around in our home studio, and I just wanted to make a song that gave a****** men what they deserve, you know? So, we made a funny song about a psycho ex-girlfriend giving her ex Hell. And it really resonated with people. We then posted a random TikTok singing the song, which blew up overnight. Then it just became kind of a movement. My favorite video posted to my song was actually by TikTok themselves. They were using the filter, Horace. If you guys have seen it, it's absolutely hilarious. And it's just Horace dancing to 'Gaslight'.

INJI’s Favorite TikTok Trend

A TikTok trend I really like, even though it is not very unique, is 'I Am Woman' by Emmy Meli because she is just iconic, and this is the message we need right now on the internet. I am woman. I am fearless.

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