Back-to-School Cool – September Essentials 

By: Stingray CuratorsThu, 09/02/2021

Do you feel that? 

Sometime in late August it arrives – a subtle, but unmistakeable chill in the evening breeze, like someone opened the fridge door for a moment. Yep, fall is on the way.This is either good or bad news, depending on your mood and wardrobe.  Summer addicts go into denial, clinging to the heat right to the end, like captains going down with their ship. 

Others (fall freaks?) unpack their sweaters with glee – September can’t come soon enough. Why? Because fall means back to school! And while that may bring routine and responsibilities, it’s also a fresh start. New friends and fun await. (And besides, summer’s overrated).  .


Whichever side of that divide you’re on, these back-to-school vibes are guaranteed to keep the good times flowing. 


back to school hits

Back to School Hits

Get ready for back to school cool with this mix of summertime hits and up-and-coming tracks.

omg pop

OMG Pop! 

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80s back to school

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too cool for school

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tiktok bops

Viral Hits

Get swept up in viral hits that made it big on TikTok. These popular tracks will inspire you to make your own dance video to share with the world.

bedroom pop

Bedroom Pop 

Discover the internet’s newest stars! These artists were propelled into fame after going viral with their genre-defying music.

the new smooth

The New Smooth 

Enjoy the laid-back sound of these rock and R&B artists who are redefining smooth music.

todays hot tracks rock

Today's Hot Tracks: Rock 

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Listener's CHoice

Listeners' Choice: Today's Hit Tracks 

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Hip Hop

Hip-Hop/R&B (Explicit) 

Get your flow on with uncensored hip-hop, rap, and contemporary R&B. Listen to today’s trending hits from artists you love.

hot tracks dance

Today's Hot Tracks: Dance 

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summer chill

Summer Chill 

This collection of feel-good, chilled electronic is perfect for a day by the pool under a cloudless, sunny sky.