Goodbye 2021! Your Best End-of-Year Party Channels

By: Stingray CuratorsWed, 12/01/2021
Best Music Channel Playlist Party NYE

One more trip around the sun is almost done!    

Time to start planning the celebrations, and that includes picking the right party music - your number one priority for a successful New Year’s Eve get-together.

It’s always a good idea to plan this in advance. Otherwise, you may find yourself drunkenly fumbling on someone’s old iPod Nano at 12:01 AM, accidentally selecting something quite lame.   

It happens to the best of us – and no one wants to be that DJ!       

In fact, here’s a smart - even foolproof - strategy. Worry about things like great snacks, beverages and what you’ll be wearing, and leave the DJ-ing to a rock-solid Stingray channel! With so many people-pleasing, mega-dance vibes on tap, you can’t really go wrong. We’ve also got a selection of “Best of 2021” lists to enjoy as you build up to the big countdown.  

There’s a loooot of music on Stingray Music. In fact, you could get lost in there, especially after too much champagne. So, to help you out, we narrowed things down to a few recommended options you can have on standby. Just favorite the channel, then press play at 12:01.  

(You’re welcome 😊)

Happy New Year music lovers!

Early evening ambiance

Instant Party