Listening Outside the Box | Unusual Music Channels Listeners Love

By: Stingray CuratorsThu, 11/25/2021

If there's one thing our music curators love, it's compiling fantastic, unique playlists for our listeners. Each one is created with care and consideration for what you, our listeners, want to hear. With over 2,000 channels available, it's easy to find playlists centered around your favorite artists or top tracks in all genres. However, maybe you’re ready for something new!  

Stingray Music has you covered there, too!

Strange and unusual playlists are so much fun. You'll find plenty of options on our channels if that's what you're looking for. Sometimes, you just need a playlist that matches your mood instead of going for traditional genres. Maybe you need some songs to sing in the shower or want to revisit some one-hit wonders you haven't thought of in years. Did you know that there's an entire channel devoted just to novelty songs? You may even discover a new earworm (or remember an old favorite!) Even better, they're all free.  

Top Ten Most Unusual Playlists  

1. One Hit Wonders 

They came, they charted, and they never went away. You probably already know all the words to these one-hit wonders, which makes them the perfect guilty pleasures.  

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2. Screaming Therapy

The raw and aggressive sounds of screamo, post-hardcore, and metalcore will motivate your toughest weightlifting workouts.

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3. Music for Days

What day is it? When in doubt, tune in to these songs in every genre about the seven days of the week.

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4. Live from the Shower

What is it about the shower that transforms everyone into a singing superstar? This channel features all the songs you love to belt out in every genre from pop to alt-rock.

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5. Dirty Dances

This sensual collection features hip-hop and dancehall strip club classics. All that's missing to recreate the gentleman's club experience is the whiff of vanilla in the air.

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6. Robotically Yours

Hail your robot overlords! Kick start your day with this collection of robotic funk, rock, and R&B featuring everything from funky vocoder experiments to warbling auto-tuned jams!

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7. Turn That Frown Upside Down

There won't be any grumpy faces around the table when you start the day with this cheerful channel of fun and silly songs. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

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8. Singing Actors

Bet you didn't know just how many actors have tried their hand at singing… and how many are quite good! Discover them all here, from Leonard Nimoy to Scarlett Johansson, from Russell Crowe to Katey Sagal.

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9. The Weird and Quirky World of Novelty Songs

The daily grind is getting you down? The kiddos are feeling grumpy? A lighthearted compilation of novelty song is just what the doctor ordered!

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10. Chiptune Invasion

This is the perfect channel of electronic music made with sound chips found in early gaming systems and microcomputers for sleepless nights of gaming and coding.

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As you can see, there's a playlist for everything these days. Download the free Stingray Music app to start listening to these and other great channels today!