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By: SashaFri, 04/03/2020
Entrevue avec Marie-Gold

Le 25 mars est paru le tout premier album solo pour la jeune rapper Montréalaise Marie-Gold.

By: LucilleTue, 03/17/2020
The music channels you need right now

Whether you are working from home, trying to keep the kids entertained, or need to bust a move with an at-home workout, we’ve got all the music you need.

By: LucilleTue, 03/17/2020
Notre sélection de chaînes à écouter en ce moment

Vos habitues changent, vous adoptez une nouvelle routine, et nous sommes là pour vous accompagner en musique!

By: Rebecca O.Tue, 03/10/2020
From von Bingen to Alsop – A historical recap of females in classical music | Women's Day

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Starting in the early 19th century with women’s rights activists like Susan B. Anthony, women’s rights movements worldwide have shaped a world in which equality of the sexes might not be fully established in all aspects of life but is making great leaps and bounds.

By: Rebecca O.Fri, 02/28/2020
Qello Concerts by Stingray presents Songbook: Take a deep-dive into your favorite songs

As a real music geek, just listening to your favorite tune, watching a live performance, or perfectly directed music video will always leave you hungry for more.

By: StingrayThu, 02/27/2020
Mahalia | Interview | Stingray Rising Stars

With Mahalia, everything is about heart and soul.

By: CharlesSun, 02/23/2020
Nicolas Gémus gagnant du Prix étoile Stingray ! | Gala RIDEAU

Belle soirée au Gala Rideau, alors que le Prix étoile Stingray a été remis à Nicolas Gémus!

By: MikelWed, 02/12/2020
JUNOs 2020 | Video of the Year Nominees | Stingray Rising Stars

Each year, Stingray is proud to sponsor the Video of the Year category at the JUNOs.

By: ArianeFri, 02/16/2018
31e édition de la Bourse RIDEAU | Prix Étoiles Stingray

C’est dans le cadre de notre partenariat avec la Bourse RIDEAU, qu’une partie de l’équipe Stingray Musique s’est rendue à Québec pour la soirée des prix RIDEAU qui a eu lieu à l’Impérial de Québec le jeudi 15 février dernier.

By: ArianeThu, 02/15/2018
JUNOS 2018 | Stingray Music at the JUNOS!

Stingray Music is proud to be at the JUNOS again this year. We’ll be attending & covering various events, presenting one of our prestigious Stingray Rising Stars awards and programming various channels.

By: NoémiWed, 02/14/2018
Love is Louder | Top 10 Songs ?

This Valentine’s Day spread love and remember to love yourself. Because love is louder than everything else. In the meanwhile, here are a few tracks that’ll get you in a lovey-dovey mood.

By: NoémiTue, 02/13/2018
Always Ascending by Franz Ferdinand

Five years since their last album, Always Ascending gushes with characteristic lurching tempo changes, scream-along choruses, and glossy hooks. Welcome back, guys.

By: CharlesFri, 02/09/2018
Pierre Lapointe | Entrevue

Voici notre entretien amical avec l’artiste pop contemporain, Pierre Lapointe sur Stingray PausePlay. On jase de son épiphanie, de l'œuvre magistrale qu'est son dernier album La science du cœur et plus encore.

By: NoémiFri, 02/09/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of February 5

New vibes on Fridays. Save the date. Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: Opera with PearlsThu, 02/08/2018
7 Opera Characters You Find on Valentine's Day | Opera With Pearls

Opera With Pearl's Buzzfeed version of ''The 13 Types Of People You See On Valentine's Day''. With more opera, obviously. You're welcome. So, which Valentine are you?

By: HiddeThu, 02/08/2018
Brava Favourites | Der Ring des Nibelungen

From February 22 to 25, Stingray Brava will broadcast Richard Wagner’s unforgettable grand operas Der Ring des Nibelungen. Conducted by Lothar Zagrosek, all four operas were recorded at the Stuttgart Opera in 2002 and 2003.

By: Digital DrumWed, 02/07/2018
On the Rise 2018 | Digital Drum

For every artist selling out shows or winning awards, there are dozens more on the verge of breaking out. And many of them are just getting started. Here’s a list of eight emerging Indigenous artists to watch for in 2018.

By: NoémiTue, 02/06/2018
Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake

Here it is. Justin Timberlake’s fifth studio album Man of the Woods is out. He’s ventured out among mountains, trees, and campfires, wearing a massive blanket scarf and triple layers of flannel. He's a man of the woods. (cue the crickets)