The Stingray Hackathon: Where Innovation Meets Adaptability

By: StingrayThu, 12/07/2023
Hackathon 2023 Stingray

The Stingray Hackathon just wrapped up its 2023 edition, and boy, did our teams deliver. Picture this: 60 brilliant minds, 15 mind-blowing projects, and three action-packed days of technical mastery! 

This year's event was unique, to say the least, with Quebec school strikes pushing us to think fast on our feet, turning unexpected challenges into new opportunities. In less than a day, we transformed the office into a makeshift daycare, welcoming the little ones of our stellar employees to take part in the excitement. Tech maestro Mario Dubois summed it up perfectly: "This is what we do at Stingray. We adapt, we innovate, and we take care of each other. When life gives us lemons, we make a darn good lemonade."

Looking back, "The Future of Work" as the primary theme this year seems fitting for how well we adapted on such short notice, but it also rings true for our extraordinary talents and forward-thinking vision on any given day, especially where the Hackathon event is concerned.

Keep reading for more Hackathon highlights and see how the future of work is shaping up at Stingray

Themes and Trends

The Hackathon projects showcased this year took "The Future of Work" to new levels of ingenuity. The participants were eager to push boundaries where possible by harnessing the latest advances in artificial intelligence. From enhancing user experiences and streamlining workflows to crafting interactive platforms to engage users in unprecedented ways, the Hackathon was bursting at the seams with fresh ideas.

Incorporating artificial intelligence is now at the core of defining our future work conditions, so various teams were eager to integrate the technology into their projects. Tools such as AI Got This and AIn't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat demonstrated the power of AI in automating complex tasks, providing insights, and even suggesting and applying fixes to code issues. This not only shows the technical capabilities of the team but also their vision of a future where AI plays a central role in productivity and problem-solving.

User engagement was at the heart of interactive projects like Harmonic Hunch and Vibe on Us, which created platforms to test musical knowledge and create mood-based playlists, highlighting the importance of engaging users by creating experiences that are not only functional but also enjoyable and immersive.

Operational excellence was addressed, with projects like Guardians of Uptime and mimir focusing on system monitoring and management to ensure performance and reliability. These projects remind us that behind-the-scenes efforts are crucial for the smooth operation of services.

Lastly, out-of-the-box projects like Jinn of Jargon focused on the challenge of language localization to make applications more accessible and inclusive, while SingFest, a giant karaoke experience, aimed to bring crowds together around their love of music, regardless of their singing level. These projects reflect the diverse interests across all teams and the willingness to explore and take on less conventional challenges.

The Winning Teams

We are proud to announce the 2023 Hackathon's prize winners:

Vibe on Us clinched the Technological Innovation Award. 

vibe on us

Harmonic Hunch swept both the People's Choice Award and the Jury Award.

harmonic hunch

Finally, in a heartwarming twist, employees' children were able to participate in this experience by awarding the Children's Choice Award to SingFest.


Hats off to our winners and all participants who demonstrated outstanding creativity and a collaborative spirit!

This year's Hackathon was nothing short of epic; each project was a celebration of the spirit of innovation that reigns within Stingray and a clear indication that the future is promising with a bold and visionary team that is not afraid to dream big. Until we meet again next year, keep hacking the routine and building the Stingray dream!