My Intern Life | Summer 2021  

By: MackenzieThu, 08/19/2021
Our 2021 interns at Stingray

This summer, Stingray Music welcomed over 20 interns to its downtown Montreal office for a memorable few months.

Stingray offers its interns a friendly work environment where aspiring professionals can thrive and grow into the next generation of employees. Interning provides the opportunity to make new friends and connections while learning professional skills.  

I asked some of my fellow interns questions about their experiences. Here's what they said: 

What’s the work environment like?  

It’s very welcoming. You can meet new and exciting people and collaborate on group projects. You can use your creativity to accomplish challenging tasks and think outside the box. Working at Stingray also opens your horizons to different music genres that may be lesser-known, and it helps you learn rewarding skills. Stingray is an entertaining, enriching, and flexible workspace. I had a great experience working there.  



What kind of work did you do? 

While working at Stingray Business, we helped with various social media projects. Our summer internship allowed us to see how Stingray adapted to its customers to better connect with them. We wrote blog posts, suggested Instagram ideas, and modified the Stingray website to promote our newest services. Chatter, our latest customer service tool, was advertised through these different platforms.  

-Emilia & Noemie  


What did you learn? 

It was my fourth summer working for Stingray Business, and this time I worked with different teams such as Account Management, Content, Legal, and Technical Support. This has helped me to understand better the ins and outs of a fast-growing Canadian company. In the time spent at Stingray, I have learned that communication, organization, teamwork, and fast learning are vital to solving big or small problems. This year, as an Account Manager, I upgraded big brands to our new SB3 music player. Therefore, it was crucial to develop an organized and efficient way of working. It has been fascinating to be part of different projects from various departments over the years.  I have grown with Stingray and deepened my understanding of how each department works with the others. 

-Corinne Garceau  


Would I recommend the internship? 

Absolutely! Interning at Stingray provides you with a complete immersion into a professional workspace. I learned so much so fast and developed countless valuable skills. My colleagues taught me how to code blog articles and I also conducted analytic business research under the guidance of highly qualified professionals. Every experience is tailored to your interest! Each intern has a different role. If you are a motivated, passionate, and dynamic individual, you will cherish your time at Stingray.  



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