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By: Stingray CuratorsFri, 11/26/2021
Shawn Mendes, Diana Ross, Lil Nas X: 2021 Stingray Music’s Guest Curators

What is your favorite artist or band listening to? Discover their playlist on Stingray Music!

By: KurtFri, 11/26/2021
Things You Didn’t Know About Holiday Music

Knowing your musical history will help you re-appreciate the popular music that has stood the test of time.

By: Stingray CuratorsThu, 11/25/2021
Listening Outside the Box | Unusual Music Channels Listeners Love

If there's one thing our music curators love, it's compiling fantastic, unique playlists for our listeners. Each one is created with care and consideration for what you, our listeners, want to hear. With over 2,000 channels available, it's easy to find playlists centered around your favorite artists or top tracks in all genres. However, maybe you’re ready for something new!  

By: Stingray CuratorsThu, 11/25/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: 2021 Stingray Music’s Guest Curators

What is your favorite artist or band listening to? Listen to their playlist on Stingray Music!

By: Stingray CuratorsThu, 11/25/2021
TOP Chansons Franco 2021

Découvrez notre sélection des 10 meilleures chansons francophones de l’année. 

By: Stingray CuratorsWed, 11/24/2021
2021's Top 10 Country Music Songs

Let’s take a look at the top 10 country music hits in 2021.

By: Stingray CuratorsTue, 11/23/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: Los programadores invitados del 2021 para Stingray Music

Mira la lista de programadores invitados que seleccionaron música para ti en uno de nuestros canales en el año 2021!

By: LucilleTue, 11/23/2021
Programmateurs invités de Stingray Musique | 2021

Ce que vos artistes préférés écoutent 

By: Ben Fong-TorresFri, 06/10/2016
Hank Williams, Tom Hiddleston & Me

This week in rock history, Hank Williams made his debut on the live radio show, Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. That was on June 11, 1949, and it says somewhere that he got an unprecedented six encore calls from the audience at the Ryman Auditorium. Must’ve thrown the radio show clear off its schedule.

By: Ben Fong-TorresTue, 05/24/2016
Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

It’s a big week for rock star birthdays. Bob Dylan on the 24th (making him 75), Stevie Nicks on the 26th (she’s, cough, cough), and John Fogerty on the 28th (he was born in ’45).

By: Ben Fong-TorresFri, 05/20/2016
Brian Wilson: ‘Singing with My Brothers’

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds, I’m thinking about the all-time lead Beach Boy, Brian Wilson.

By: ZacWed, 04/29/2015
The Seasons | Stingray Pauseplay

The Seasons formed in Beauport, Quebec in the winter of 2011. The Chiasson brothers Hubert & Julien (vocals & guitars) had a desire to share the collection of hooks and melodies turning in their minds with the world, and so, Julien called up Rémi (drums & percussion) who brought along Sam (bass) and the band was formed.  The chemistry was instantaneous. After a few weeks in their parents' basement, a fully grown batch of original songs was brewed and they realized immediately that they were part of something bigger than themselves. 

By: ZacMon, 01/27/2014
Serena Ryder | Stingray PausePlay

Females are strong as hell, and Serena Ryder is living proof. When the world seems to be going backward, the Canadian singer-songwriter always keeps us marching forward.