By: NoémiSun, 05/13/2018
I love you, Mom | Top 10 Songs

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re looking back at ten unforgettable musical tributes from daughters and sons to the women who raised them. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

By: AmandaMon, 04/30/2018
#SocialStatus | April 2018

#SocialStatus will introduce you to artists who caught our eye on Instagram. Whether you’re searching for your musical inspiration or want to spice up your feed, these are the accounts to follow.

By: NoémiFri, 04/06/2018
Coachella Must-Sees | Top 10 Artists

Oh hey, Coachella. Times they are a-changin’ and music is constantly evolving. Get ready for the biggest names, the biggest productions, and tons of hidden gems. Keep reading for our top 10 must-see artists worthy of all the attention.

By: NoémiWed, 03/28/2018
Skin & Earth by Lights

As Lights embarks on her fourth journey with Skin & Earth, we’re thrown into a new dimension unlike ever before. This gal knocked it out of the park. Welcome back, Captain Lights.

By: NoémiThu, 03/08/2018
Women Who Roar | Top 10 Songs

Here’s to all the badass ladies out there, yourself included. Turn up the volume, tag your sisters and have a day that will go down in HERstory. This 2018, the FEMpire strikes back.

By: NoémiMon, 03/05/2018
Nation of Two by Vance Joy

Finding a place in the crossover between commercial radio and quality folk is a tricky thing to do. Brimming with easy listening folk songs, Vance Joy’s second album Nation of Two accomplishes this difficult feat.

By: NoémiFri, 02/16/2018
NEW MUSIC FRI-YAY | Week of February 12

Craving fresh sounds? Stingray’s got everything you need. For you. For your friends. For your mom. For your neighbor. And even for that friend who says ''I hate music''.

By: NoémiTue, 02/13/2018
Always Ascending by Franz Ferdinand

Five years since their last album, Always Ascending gushes with characteristic lurching tempo changes, scream-along choruses, and glossy hooks. Welcome back, guys.

By: CharlesFri, 12/15/2017
Le meilleur de 2017 |Top 10 Albums Francos

À une époque où l’on écoute de moins en moins d’albums dans leur intégralité, l’année 2017, nous gâte en disque de ce type. Voici les meilleurs albums de l'année 2017 qui sauront vous conduire dans un univers musical étroitement ficelé.

By: CharlesThu, 12/07/2017
Le meilleur de 2017 | Top 10 chansons francos

L’année 2017 aura été riche en chansons francophones inspirées et étoffées. Celles-ci suscitent toutes de belles émotions. De plus, elles ont une qualité commune, la démarche artistique sincère.