By: CharlesThu, 04/26/2018
Premier juin de Lydia Képinski

Lydia Képinski lance son premier album intitulé Premier juin. Dès l’écoute de sa chanson portant le même titre que l’album, nous vivons une expérience auditive hors du commun. La recherche d’un ailleurs dans sa démarche artistique nous séduit totalement. La première impression est bonne.

By: NoémiThu, 04/26/2018
Lydia Képinski
By: FrederikeThu, 04/26/2018
Recap | jazzahead! 2018

Stingray DJAZZ had such a great weekend at jazzahead! 2018. We are beyond proud of this partnership. The live-streaming format worked perfectly, and the interviews with the showcasing artists were more than hilarious.

By: KurtTue, 04/24/2018
The Britpop Phenomenon

Most of the time, when it comes to music, what happens in England stays in England. Not until a scene, style, and fashion have evolved around a cohesive, frenzied trend does the music become exportable across the Atlantic. When grunge ruled in the early Nineties, English music was nowhere on the map. But in London, the sound and attitude that would become Brit Pop was percolating, until Oasis were ready to storm North America.

By: Eric ATue, 04/24/2018
Il n’y a pas de jazz au FIJM ?!?

Depuis 39 ans, le Festival international de Jazz de Montréal fait vibrer la métropole québécoise au rythme du jazz, du blues, du gospel, de la musique du monde, etc. On entend toujours une personne, qui n’achète pas de billets de spectacle, dire qu’il n’y a plus de jazz au FIJM. Assis devant la programmation en salles, je peux vous assurer que c’est faux ! La musique jazz n’a pas de date d’expiration. Du jazz minimaliste jusqu’à l’électro, des jeunes recrues aux légendes, les jazzophiles en auront encore une fois pour leur argent ! On ne fait pas le plus grand festival de jazz au monde sans une touche d’éclectisme. L’équipe de programmation jazz de Stingray s’est réunie pour déterminer 5 coups de cœur… Ça n’a pas été facile…

By: CharlesTue, 04/24/2018
La 6ème édition du Gala Country | Conférence de presse

Au total, 12 trophées seront remis lors du Gala Country 2018 qui se déroulera au Casino de Mont-Tremblant le samedi 20 octobre 2018.

By: TeresaMon, 04/23/2018
All New! | Stingray Karaoke Mobile App

Stingray has offered karaoke services under the brand name The KARAOKE Channel since 2008 (we launched our first karaoke mobile app in December of 2009.)

By: TeresaMon, 04/23/2018
Karaoke Survival Guide | 5 Essential Tips

Choose a song that you know and that is easily in your voice range.  Singing a song that you know really well will make it easier for you to give your best performance on stage.  You can practice songs online at home or by singing along with the original recording.

By: WouterFri, 04/20/2018
Photo Album | jazzahead! 2018

While one of our music editors is on her way from Amsterdam to Bremen on the same train as upcoming jazz star Justin Kauflin, the jazzahead! showcase festival is already in full swing!

By: ZacFri, 04/20/2018
James Bay | Stingray PausePlay

The amazing James Bay met up for Round 2 with Stingray PausePlay to talk about his new album Electric Light, losing his hair, and his incredible drawing skills.


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By: Catherine BoisvertFri, 05/25/2018
Entrevue | Annie Blanchard | De retour avec Welcome Soleil

En collaboration avec Ariane D.

By: Digital DrumThu, 05/24/2018
And the 2018 Indigenous Music Awards Winners Are … | Digital Drum

Earlier this year, Canada’s thriving Indigenous music scene made some serious noise at the 2018 Juno Awards. Last weekend, it cranked things to 11.

By: NoémiThu, 05/24/2018
Les musts des Francos Montréal 2018 | Programmation extérieure

Les Francos de Mtl nous proposent encore cette année une programmation riche et diversifiée. Il y a beaucoup trop d’artistes à ne pas manquer, mais voici les 10 spectacles extérieurs gratuits à ne pas manquer dans le cadre des Francos de Montréal (7-16 juin 2018)!

By: StingrayWed, 05/23/2018
Summer Vibes Festival | Santa Teresa x Pouzza Fest 8

Montreal’s 8th annual city punk festival Pouzza Fest took place last weekend (May 18-20) in downtown Montreal including six indoor venues (Foufs 2.0, Foufounes Électriques, Midway Speakeasy, Katacombes, Club Soda, Théâtre Sainte-Catherine, Café Cléopâtre) and an outdoor stage at the Beer Garden. The festival attendees were spoiled with an amazing weather most of the weekend.

By: GregTue, 05/22/2018
Events | 2018 Americana Music Awards nominations

While participating in the Music Biz 2018 conference in Nashville this past week, we also had a chance to attend the Americana Music Association press conference announcing this year’s nominations for the AMA Awards which took place at the Country Music Hall of Fame Ford Theatre on May 15.

By: ZacMon, 05/21/2018
Stingray PausePlay | Billboard Music Awards 2018

Check out artists like Luis Fonsi, Bhad Bhabie, and Jessie McCartney as they chat with our host Zac Monson for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

By: TeresaFri, 05/18/2018
Karaoke Etiquette 101 | 7 Foolproof Tips

There is nothing like singing karaoke to get the adrenaline pumping! Things can easily get out of hand. Follow these tips to ensure that everyone has a good karaoke time.

By: MathieuFri, 05/18/2018
Top 10 | Rock Covers Music Videos

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the artists whose songs have been reimagined into ear-bursting rock anthems must be blushing from head to toe! This countdown of surprising rock takes has it all, from angrily reinvented ‘80s electro-pop track to rowdy remakes of funk classics.