Stingray proud to present the 3rd prize at the Concours musical international de Montréal

By: MichaelWed, 06/21/2023
SooBeen Lee and Valérie Héroux -  CMIM

The Concours musical international de Montréal (CMIM) is considered one of the great cultural achievements in Canada. Stingray, as a passionate advocate for the arts and music, is delighted to have been awarded the 3rd prize at this last edition dedicated to the violin.

CMIM: a springboard for emerging talent

Created in 2001, CMIM is dedicated to discovering and promoting talented young musicians by providing them with an international opportunity to showcase their skills and gain recognition. The competition takes place annually and focuses on three disciplines in rotation: piano, violin and voice. Participants are evaluated by a reputable international jury, and winners receive scholarships and career opportunities.

The 3rd prize: A commitment to young talents


Stingray: A Dedicated Partner in Arts and Music

Stingray is proud to support events like CMIM and contribute to the development of musical talent. Our commitment to the arts and music goes beyond financial support: we believe in the power of music to inspire, bring people together and enrich our lives.

Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances and a big thank you to the organizers, volunteers and partners for their dedication to this remarkable event.