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By: StingrayTue, 07/16/2024
Discover the newest additions to Stingray Music on Google TV: Greatest Hits and Hot Country

Get ready to elevate your music streaming experience with the launch of two brand-new Stingray Music channels on Google TV: Greatest Hits and Hot Country.

By: StingrayFri, 06/07/2024
Célébrez la Fête Nationale du Québec en musique avec Stingray et le Mouvement national des Québécoises et Québécois

Ce juin, Stingray Musique s'associe au Mouvement national des Québécoises et Québécois (MNQ) pour vous offrir une programmation spéciale à l'occasion de la Fête Nationale du Québec. Découvrez une sélection exclusive d'artistes qui se produiront à travers la province, célébrant ainsi la diversité de notre patrimoine culturel.

By: StingrayTue, 06/04/2024
Stingray's commitment to sustainability: a second life for electronics

This May, Stingray transformed its usual bustling workplace into a vibrant marketplace, where the thrill of the bid intersected with the joy of giving back.

By: StingrayTue, 06/04/2024
L’engagement de Stingray envers la durabilité : Une deuxième vie pour les appareils électroniques

Ce mois de mai, les bureaux de Stingray se sont transformés en un marché vibrant, où l’excitation des enchères rencontrait la joie de contribuer à une bonne cause.

By: StingrayMon, 06/03/2024
Saddle Up with the Best Country Concerts - The Ultimate Music Gift for Dad

Father’s Day is on the horizon, and if you're aiming for more than the usual pair of socks, why not rope in something that strikes a chord with Dad’s love for music?

By: StingrayWed, 03/27/2024
Stingray Partners with Dress for Success Montréal to Celebrate Women's Strength and Resilience

As International Women's Day approaches each year, it serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing importance of striving for gender equality and women's empowerment. At Stingray, we firmly believe that supporting women in their professional journey is essential to building a fairer and more balanced society. 

By: StingrayWed, 03/27/2024
Stingray s’associe à Dress for Success Montréal pour célébrer la force et la résilience des femmes.

Chaque année, lorsque la Journée Internationale des Femmes approche, nous sommes rappelés de l'importance de l'égalité des sexes et de l'émancipation féminine. Chez Stingray, nous croyons fermement que le soutien aux femmes dans leur parcours professionnel est essentiel pour construire une société plus juste et équilibrée. 

By: StingrayTue, 01/30/2024
Le Concours musical OMNI : Une scène ouverte aux jeunes talents, présenté par Stingray

Stingray est ravi d'annoncer que les inscriptions pour l'édition 2024 du prestigieux Concours musical OMNI de l'Orchestre Métropolitain sont désormais ouvertes. Cet événement emblématique offre une plateforme exceptionnelle pour les jeunes musiciens âgés de 7 à 17 ans, leur permettant de briller et de partager leur passion pour la musique. 

By: SydneyMon, 09/19/2016
Gabriella | Interview & Performance

We sat down with The Voice France finalist, Canada's own Gabriella, to talk about her album Story of Oak, how a broken finger can be a good thing, and how she's gearing up to release new music soon.

By: Ben Fong-TorresWed, 07/20/2016
Happy Birthday and Hats Off to Carlos Santana

On his 69th birthday, which took place on July 20, he should embrace his age. Now doing a residency at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, he recently issued a reunion album, Santana IV, with most of the original band members playing together for the first time in some 45 years.

By: Ben Fong-TorresFri, 07/15/2016
The Doors at the Bowl: Mick, LSD and a Moth

To play the Hollywood Bowl. For any musician, that has to be a career highlight. The Doors performed in that revered venue in 1968, and Ray Manzarek, in his interview for Qello Concerts, articulated the import of such an occasion.

By: Ben Fong-TorresFri, 07/08/2016
The Dead at the End of ‘So Many Roads’

It’s not a sexy, round-number anniversary, but I bet Deadheads know that July 9 was the date of the last Grateful Dead concert with Jerry Garcia. That was in 1995, at Soldier Field in Chicago.

By: Ben Fong-TorresFri, 06/10/2016
Hank Williams, Tom Hiddleston & Me

This week in rock history, Hank Williams made his debut on the live radio show, Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. That was on June 11, 1949, and it says somewhere that he got an unprecedented six encore calls from the audience at the Ryman Auditorium. Must’ve thrown the radio show clear off its schedule.

By: Ben Fong-TorresTue, 05/24/2016
Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

It’s a big week for rock star birthdays. Bob Dylan on the 24th (making him 75), Stevie Nicks on the 26th (she’s, cough, cough), and John Fogerty on the 28th (he was born in ’45).

By: Ben Fong-TorresFri, 05/20/2016
Brian Wilson: ‘Singing with My Brothers’

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds, I’m thinking about the all-time lead Beach Boy, Brian Wilson.

By: ZacWed, 04/29/2015
The Seasons | Stingray Pauseplay

The Seasons formed in Beauport, Quebec in the winter of 2011. The Chiasson brothers Hubert & Julien (vocals & guitars) had a desire to share the collection of hooks and melodies turning in their minds with the world, and so, Julien called up Rémi (drums & percussion) who brought along Sam (bass) and the band was formed.  The chemistry was instantaneous. After a few weeks in their parents' basement, a fully grown batch of original songs was brewed and they realized immediately that they were part of something bigger than themselves. 

By: ZacMon, 01/27/2014
Serena Ryder | Stingray PausePlay

Females are strong as hell, and Serena Ryder is living proof. When the world seems to be going backward, the Canadian singer-songwriter always keeps us marching forward.