By: ArianeThu, 11/14/2019
Sarah Dufresne | Atelier Lyrique 2019 | Prix Étoiles Stingray

Chaque année, l’Opéra de Montréal, fidèle partenaire de Stingray, accueille de nouveaux talents dans le cadre des Auditions nationales pour l’Atelier lyrique.

By: ArianeMon, 11/19/2018
Vanessa Croome | Atelier Lyrique 2018 | Prix Étoiles Stingray

Chaque année l’Opéra de Montréal, fidèle partenaire de Stingray Musique, accueille de nouveau talents dans le cadre de l’Atelier Lyrique.

By: Opera with PearlsThu, 02/08/2018
7 Opera Characters You Find on Valentine's Day | Opera With Pearls

Opera With Pearl's Buzzfeed version of ''The 13 Types Of People You See On Valentine's Day''. With more opera, obviously. You're welcome. So, which Valentine are you?

By: HiddeThu, 02/08/2018
Brava Favourites | Der Ring des Nibelungen

From February 22 to 25, Stingray Brava will broadcast Richard Wagner’s unforgettable grand operas Der Ring des Nibelungen. Conducted by Lothar Zagrosek, all four operas were recorded at the Stuttgart Opera in 2002 and 2003.

By: Opera with PearlsSun, 01/28/2018
3 Tips to Attract New Operagoers | Opera With Pearls

How can opera companies appeal to a younger and diverse audience? Here are 3 tips for opera companies worldwide and for the opera-curious people out there.

By: Opera with PearlsTue, 01/09/2018
10 Opera Inspirations for your New Year's Resolutions | Opera With Pearls

For 2018, we wondered which goal would our favorite opera characters set for themselves. Do you share new goals with Salomé or with Schaunard? 

By: JustineThu, 01/12/2017
Bold New Look and Feel for Stingray Brava

Stingray is proud to offer classical music, opera, and ballet aficionados a new way to experience the music that moves them: Stingray Brava! Following the July 2015 acquisition of Brava, Stingray has rolled out refreshed and contemporary new looks for the channel, which have been rebranded as Stingray Brava.

By: SydneyThu, 12/01/2016
Ours – Robert Chafe & John Estacio | Interview

We were joined by Robert & John, the composer and librettist of Ours. This opera was a part of the Opera America World Opera Conference. They tell us about the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel, how it changed Newfoundland forever and how they tried not to glorify the art of war while still showcasing beautiful music.

By: SydneyThu, 12/01/2016
As One – Laura Kaminsky, Mark Campbell & Kimberly Reed | Interview

We got to sit down with Laura Kaminsky, Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed, the composer and librettists of As One, an operatic work presented during the OPERA America annual conference. We discuss how real life translates into their work, the transgender conversation, and how a good wine can bring out the best in your writing.

By: SydneyTue, 11/29/2016
M’dea Undone – John Harris | Interview

We sat down with John Harris, composer of the opera M'Dea Undone that was showcased during the OPERA America annual conference. John tells us about his electronic influences and writing dark, dissonant music. He also delves into how his work covers taboo topics that people often shy away from.