All-time faves: “Say It Ain’t So”, “L.A. Girlz”, “Island In The Sun”, “Ain’t Got Nobody”, and “Perfect Situation”.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Weezer’s triumphant return

Get ready Weezer fans, you will find plenty to explore on the band’s latest album Pacific Daydream.

Pacific Daydream requires repeated listening to fully grasp every genius element (catchy hooks, perfectly timed lyrics, masterful reverb, crunchy guitar riffs, overall sharpness and sensibility, etc.) that was strategically incorporated into each song. The passages and movements make individual songs stand out, as they are filled with California pop guitar riffs and fresh dance hooks to keep things interesting. Props to Cuomo for some fine editing.

A new tonality with a hint of nostalgia

The record sounds modular in the vein of the band’s technique in Ratitude (such a great album). There are a handful of noteworthy moments – the classic, simple strumming in “QB Blitz”, the dance-pop feels of “Mexican Fender”, and the sleek synths in “Happy Hour”.

Even though percussions are front and center on this album, Weezer leaves plenty of space for their signature sunny hooks, festival-ready choruses, and invigorating boogie melodies. Pacific Daydream is an entire career of work crammed into a record, rather than a mere forgettable discography step.

Weezer: the exception to all rules

More than ten albums in, Rivers Cuomo knows how to keep the machine running. Weezer is far from losing its touch. Pacific Daydream is a relatable and powerful album with enough innovation to keep Weezer fans satisfied until the next album. Thanks guys for another gem I’ll cherish for the years to come.

Fave lyrics

  • Track #3 Beach Boys: “It’s a hip hop world / Let’s get out of the city.”
  • Track #6 QB Blitz: “You gotta choose between the internet and me”
  • Track #4 Happy Hour: “I'm like Stevie Ray Vaughan on the stage, high on music /Teeth grindin', sweatin' under the lights”
  • Track #9 La Mancha Screwjob: “I'm not any wiser / Since the day I met you / And I love life with you, with you”

Tracks that’ll make you want to grab a longboard and cruise by the beach

  • Mexican Fender
  • Happy Hour
  • QB Blitz
  • Beach Boys

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