By: FrederikeThu, 04/19/2018
Gimme Gimme Frank Znort | Concert Review

One year ago, on a Sunday, somewhere in Oslo, I ran into a fantastic band. The band's energy, humor, and particularly its varied music, drew my attention. The musicians called themselves ‘Frank Znort Quartet’.

By: NedjmaFri, 04/06/2018
SXSW 2018 – Hot Takes & Outtakes

Bleary-eyed from a week-long journey into the belly of the massive creative beast that is the 2018 South by SouthWest, here are our discoveries, prognostics for the future of music and technology, and stories of Austin’s famous BBQs

By: HitskeFri, 03/09/2018
In heaven with HAEVN | Concert Review

Paradiso was sold-out in Amsterdam on February 23, 2018. Why? That was the day HAEVN presented the music of their debut album Closed Eyes: a wonderful combination of film music, electro-pop, and meaningful lyrics.

By: KarenTue, 03/06/2018
We Gotta Be Funky! | Concert Review

What a pleasure to see the collaboration between the greatest funk band and the greatest saxophone player of the Netherlands, Amsterdam Funk Orchestra and Benjamin Herman!