In heaven with HAEVN | Concert Review

By: HitskeFri, 03/09/2018
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Paradiso was sold-out in Amsterdam on February 23, 2018. Why? That was the day HAEVN presented the music of their debut album Eyes Closed: a wonderful combination of film music, electro-pop, and meaningful lyrics.

It all started in 2015 when Dutch film composer Jorrit Kleijnen and singer-songwriter Marijn van der Meer were asked to create music for a car commercial. Their collaboration resulted in a beautiful song called Where the heart is. That same year, they released Finding out more, also for a car commercial. Both 30-second songs were listed on Shazam, which motivated them to work on tracks with Tim Bran, producer of London Grammar and Birdy.

With the addition of a guitarist and drummer, the band was ready to conquer Dutch festivals! In 2016, they released Bright Lights and became an international success! Being very critical of their own work, they had a rough time finishing tracks for their debut album coming out this May. Their latest single Fortitude is also featured on Netflix’s Riverdale.  


The Show

Accompanied by a beautiful string quartet, their new tracks were spot on and played perfectly. The crowd was silent during the entire concert and whenever someone would talk too loudly they would be shushed. A heavenly vibe was created by the beautiful voice of Marijn, the fragile sound of the string quartet, and the church-like décor of Paradiso.

This emotional vibe resonated most when Marijn played his guitar on Other Side of the Sea; a big contrast with some new songs that were a bit more up-tempo and danceable.


All in all, this was a varied concert with a perfect overall vibe, great music, and moments to remember. Discover the magic of HAEVN yourself and check out their new album in May!

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