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By: LucilleTue, 01/28/2020

Hi, how are you?

January 22 is the day we celebrate the late great Daniel Johnston.

Daniel Johnston was a singer and songwriter, and a well-known figure in the American art and culture scene. His work helped him triumph over mental health issues and inspired many fans, artists, and writers.

Daniel's life and music inspired the Hi, How Are You Project to celebrate his legacy as a call to action to remove the stigma around mental health, and to encourage conversations about well-being. His birthday, January 22, is celebrated as Hi, How Are You Day.

Since 2018, Hi, How Are You Day creates a platform for music and arts. Hosted at the ACL Live Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas, the Hi, How Are You Day concert showcases Austinites, foreigners, and artists, not only to celebrate the Daniel Johnston’s legacy but also to open discussions about mental wellness. For the second year in a row, we were proud to partner with the Hi, How Are You Project and to offer a free livestream of the show through Stingray Qello.

Behind the scenes of lifestream HI HOW ARE YOU

Behind the scenes of the Hi, How Are You Day livestream

Tom Gimbel and Courtney Blanton, Founders of the Hi How Are You Project

Tom Gimbel and Courtney Blanton, Founders of the Hi How Are You Project

The 2020 edition started with the electric performance of Dan Luke and the Braid, a rock band from Austin that set the mood for the night. The band was followed by singer-songwriter Katie Schecter, whose suave voice and soft guitar chords warmly enveloped the crowd. The third act was performed by White Denim, a four-piece prog-rock band that boasts eight full-length albums.

After a short intermission, lead singer of the Brooklyn-based band TV on the Radio Tunde Adebimpe performed his solo project pieces and captivated the audience with his incredible voice. Songwriter, musician, and guitarist Jason Falkner was then joined by his band’s members of The Spoon for a pure moment of rock’n’roll.

Grammy Award-winners rock band Cage the Elephant closed the night. What a show! The audience’s euphoria most certainly fueled the band’s exceptional performance, which lasted for more than an hour, closing a successful and emotional evening.

Katie Schecter and Jason Falkner

Katie Schecter and Jason Falkner

Tunde Abedimpe and Dan Luke and the Raid

Tunde Abedimpe and Dan Luke and the Raid

White Denim

White Denim

Cage the elephant

Cage the Elephant

Click here for behind-the-scenes, pictures and videos.

If you couldn’t watch the livestream, catch-up on Stingray Qello: we’ve got two excellent concert films of Cage the Elephant and White Denim.

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To start a project on behalf of Hi, How Are You Project that promotes mental health and wellness and/or to donate to the organization, head this way → https://hihowareyou.org/get-involved

"True love will find you in the end." – Daniel Johnston