Top 10 | Halloween Party Songs

By: NoémiWed, 10/25/2017
Top 10 | Halloween Party Songs

Witch, don’t kill my vibe

Whether you’re trying to plan the best Halloween party or simply creepin’ it real, we’ve carefully handpicked 10 songs that’ll get everybody dancing. Let’s get halloweird.

motley crue shout at the devil

10. “Shout at the Devil” by Mötley Crüe

End the night with the Crüe that out-rocked and out-partied everybody. What’s better than fist-pounding hard rock/pop-metal? That’s a rhetorical question, FYI. Jump and shout to hellish guitar riffs, hard-hitting drumming, and punk screams. Halloween’s not over yet.


cranberries no need to argue

9. “Zombie” by The Cranberries

Alternative rock at its best with undertones of underground rock. Take a break from your candy binge and feast your ears with “Zombie”: an amalgam of distorted guitar, psychedelia, goth-rock, and angst-ridden lyrics sung by unique Dolores O’Riordan.


rolling stones beggars banquet

8. “Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones

This song stirred up so much controversy about Satan worshipping, satanic cults, and occult signs. Even if The Rolling Stones aren’t agents of Lucifer, “Sympathy For The Devil” is a Halloween rockin’ classic that may or may not summon the Devil himself. That being said, if he shows up in your living room, say hi for me? Thanks.


rosemarys baby soundtrack

7. “Theme from “Rosemary’s Baby” Robert J. Walsh

Roman Polanski’s 1968 Rosemary’s Baby is – hands down – one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Filled with unconceivable danger, it’s a must-see eerily macabre suspense. Composer Robert J. Walsh elicits genuine haunting sounds and melodies that’ll make your skin crawl.  


beetlejuice danny elfman

6. “Beetlejuice” composed by Danny Elfman

Michael Keaton the cantankerous demon. A black and white striped suit. Rotting skin. Lines like: “I’m a ghost with the most, babe”, “Dead. Dead, dead, deadski”, and “Go ahead, make my millennium”. Take a trip down memory lane with the opening credits song from Tim Burton’s gothic cartoonish classic.



5. “Witchy Woman” by The Eagles

Besides being Elaine’s suggestion to her boyfriend for a song they could share on a Seinfeld episode, “Witchy Woman” is an unadulterated rock ’n’ roll song with gritty chants that you’ll love. What are you waiting for? Invite a few witches to your party, even if they’re known to fly off the handle every now and then.


thriller michael jackson

4. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

Does this even require a description? Fact: Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star of the 20th century. Fact: His 1982’s Thriller shattered every music record on the books. This classic encompasses beautifully simple, yet sneakily complex melodies that make it an absolute thrill to listen to time and time again. (Feel like watching the clip? It’s featured on Stingray Retro ?)


talking book stevie wonder

3. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

Don’t walk under a ladder or cross paths with a black cat! Wonder explores the dangers of superstition and creates the best clavinet melodies you’ll ever come across. The opening drum line literally drips with groove and feels. Beware! Listening to this classic = 7 years of bad luck.


highway to hell ac/dc

2. “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC

“Livin’ easy, livin’ free, season ticket on a one-way ride”: that first line still sends chills down my spine. Infectious + crunchy guitar chords, oh-so deliciously crisp hi-hat, and Bon Scott’s high-pitched turbocharged voice are the perfect combination for a powerfully high voltage Halloween party.



1. “Welcome to My Nightmare” by Alice Cooper

It is impossible to not include Alice Cooper for a Halloween Top 10. His music not only perfectly embodies mayhem and horror, but the long-time rocker’s intensity has taken guitar riffs and pop-metal to a whole other level over the last 20 years. “Welcome to My Nightmare” shuffles disco and hard rock in a matter of five minutes. Crank up the volume please!


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