Canada Rocks! | Top 10 Music Videos

By: MathieuThu, 06/28/2018

Stand on guard for a country that knows how to rock!

Yes, Canadians are unfailingly friendly and polite. Yes, they can shovel a car out of 3 feet of snow without breaking a sweat. Yes, they’ll apologize if you step on their toes and hold the door for you as if their life depended on it.

But here’s something else about Canadians: they can rock out with the best of them (and maybe even better!)

In honour (spelled with a “u” because that’s how we roll) of Canada Day, we are counting down the 10 rowdiest, most intense music videos of our home and native land!

Happy birthday Canada. You rock!

Want more Canadian music videos that’ll blow the roof off your July 1st celebrations? Tune in to Stingray Loud.*

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