Things to do on Halloween

By: LucilleFri, 09/24/2021

From karaoke to concert movies, music playlists, and music videos, we’ve got nothing but treats for you this Halloween. Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween weekend at home!

Best Halloween karaoke tracks

Welcome to the Stingray Karaoke’s haunted house! Start the weekend by getting into the Halloween spirit by singing along to these scary songs. You may even find inspiration for your Halloween costume!

To continue the karaoke party until you wake the dead, download the free Stingray Karaoke app!

Music channels & spooky sounds for Halloween

Stingray Music’s curators have put together ghastly playlists that will have you screaming for more. Discover some of their favourite picks:

Halloween’s Monsters of Rock

These monstrously loud rock songs will haunt your Halloween. Get ready to wake the dead.

Kids’ Halloween

What's better than monstrous piles of free candy? Gobbling it down while listening to Halloween tracks that are sure to give everyone the heebie-jeebies!

Spooky Halloween Sounds

Put fear in the heart of all those who dare approach your home this Halloween with a collection of terrifyingly spooky sound effects. Trick or treaters beware!

Spooktacular Soundtracks

Summon ghosts and paranormal activities with this horrifyingly unBOOlievable Halloween channel of creepy and chilling instrumental soundtracks from the horror movies still make you sleep with the lights on. But don’t worry, lurking bogeymen and masked slashers don’t exist. Or do they?

Find more Halloween channels on the free Stingray Music app!

Halloween TV special programming

Hear those screams? Stingray Loud’s programmers have curated a program featuring monstrously loud music videos that will haunt your Halloween evening. Tune in to Stingray Loud on Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31st, at 4 PM EST, to watch the Monsters of Rock.

Next, dust off music videos of Halloweens past. Watch the Retro Halloween program on Stingray Retro, on October 30 and 31st at 6 PM EST. They will cast a spell on you!

End the watching party on Stingray Vibe, on October 31 at midnight for a special programming called "Fright Night"!

Concert movies for Halloween? Hell yes.

Continue your Halloween binge-watching marathon on Qello Concerts! The concert movies and music documentaries app will feature AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Slash, and Iron Maiden. These shows are not for the faint-hearted! 

Halloween ambient video

To end this program full of frights, treat yourself to the relaxing sounds of a spooky Halloween night with Stingray Naturescape! There’s no better background video to help you fall asleep after so many thrills and chills.


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