Tips for Hosting a Halloween Karaoke Party!

By: Aleesha P.Fri, 10/01/2021
Halloween Karaoke Party!

Throwing a spooky Halloween karaoke party is the perfect excuse for everyone to throw on their costume! Entertain kids at home, host a family gathering, or even amp up the fun during an online get-together. Discover our top tips for an unforgettable Halloween themed karaoke party!

Top tips for Hosting a Halloween Karaoke Party:

• Give your Halloween karaoke party a theme from a popular TV show like the Adam’s Family.

• Provide Halloween costumes and props.

• Record the performance with a scary filter.

• Award prizes based on categories like Best Vocalist, Most Entertaining, Best Costume, etc.

• Set up a cobweb and spider filled stage.

• Sing to fun Halloween-y songs like: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr., “Disturbia” by Rihanna, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and more!

• Write everyone’s names on a piece of paper and the one that pulled out of a hat, goes first!

• Take turns selecting songs and announcing the singers’ names to get everyone involved.

• Post your performances online and tag Stingray Karaoke!

Most of all, have fun and sing your heart out! Muahah!

How to Access:

We invite all viewers with access to the Stingray Karaoke free, ad-supported channel to tune in to get the party started! Stingray Karaoke is available on: Distro TV, Freebie TV, Freecast, LG Channels, Strumm, STIRR, Vizio, Altice Stream and Xumo. Or, simply celebrate by watching on linear or video on demand with operators like Amazon, Roku, Comcast, Cox, Sling, Sonifi, Altice, AT&T, & ABB.