MIPCOM 2021 | Rendezvous at Cannes!

By: Guillaume B.Fri, 10/01/2021
Meet us in Cannes, at Mipcom 2021

In today’s world, music is an inseparable and crucial aspect when it comes to media experiences.

Our team can’t wait to share how it can enrich customer experiences through up-to-date technical approaches and exciting new content.
For more information, sign up for a meeting at MIPCOM 2021 (October the 11th to the 14th) with a Stingray representative.  




The latest highlights 

Stingray made its global expansion widely known and launched its first bundle with Amazon’s Prime Video Channels Canada, Mexico, and Brazil in August 2021. Prime members now have access to Stingray All Good Vibes subscription, including Qello Concerts by Stingray, Stingray Karaoke, Stingray Classica, Stingray DJAZZ, and Stingray Naturescape. The launch illustrates the quality and diversity of Stingray’s growing product portfolio and its capability to reach new audiences through premium entertainment services. 

Booming content production in the world of Free Ad-supported Streaming TV and premium SVOD services 

The company’s reach and influence continue to grow by entering new and solidifying existing partnerships with major OTT providers such as Alteox (Luxembourg), Amazon Prime Video Channels (Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands), ChannelBox (United Kingdom), Maskatel (Canada), Pluto TV (Latin America and the United States), Pzaz (Global), Rakuten TV (Europe), Redbox (United States), Rostelecom (Russia), Ruutu (Finland), Samsung TV Plus (Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, and Sweden) Totalplay (Mexico) and Zeasn (Austria and Germany). Through expert curation and adaptability to varied platforms, Stingray’s content is clearly in line with the services of the world’s most extensive entertainment content providers. 

Transcending what is known and exceeding expectations 

Not only is Stingray’s content a regular on TV and mobile platforms it is versatile too. With Caraoke, a feature in Tesla’s V10 update, you can also sing along to your favorite tracks. As a leading in-car entertainment provider, Stingray powers the best karaoke experience for Tesla owners and passengers by providing over 15,000 songs from today and decades past in many languages and genres. Fun fact: Caraoke is one of Tesla’s most used entertainment apps! 

Unleash the power of music!