Brandon Flowers: you’re The Man

After keeping the world (including me) waiting for 4 years, The Killers at last released their fifth studio album: Wonderful Wonderful. And, it’s amaziiing. You’re in for a treat. This is their most compelling, revealing, and vulnerable album yet.

It’s wonderful, with a side of wonderful, topped with wonderful sprinkles

This album’s name speaks for itself. Wonderful Wonderful is the perfect synthesis of style and substance. The Killers have taken their music to the next level with an entirely different sonic exploration. From impressively strong choruses to catchy ‘80s rock vibes, the band possesses an alt-rock sensibility that’s only gotten better over the years.

Honest + personal + raw = a winning combination

What struck me the most in this album is the emotional authenticity. The lyrics are filled to the brim with meaning; layered with subtext and past experiences. It’s absolutely amazing to see how far they’ve come.

“The best way to put it is that I wanted to inhabit my age, so it's a snapshot – a true representation of where we're at,” singer Brandon Flowers explains. “They're [my kids] gonna have to face what I'm putting out one day, and I want them to be proud. I also want to be able to walk into a restaurant with my head held high.”

Vocal power, fierce sounds, and insightful lyrics

The album’s sensibility is perfectly illustrated through evocative melodies and detailed textures. The heart of the album occurs, in my opinion, with “Some Kind of Love”. We’re plunged into a dreamlike melody that connects us to something so personal, it’s almost beyond comprehension.

I’m swooning with joy. The Killers killed it.  A+ guys, A+.  ?

Here are some of my personal faves from the album:

  • Some Kind of Love: Brandon sings affectionate words of support to his wife, who was recently diagnosed with PTSD
  • The Man: this song explores the dichotomy of man versus child
  • Tyson vs Douglas: underlying theme: nothing lasts forever
  • Rut: if you’re into sentimental/driven songs – this one’s for you.

The Killers are gasp-worthy, flawless, and overall wonderful. Check ‘em out on Stingray Music!