Best Albums of 2018 (So Far) | Top 10

By: Rosemarie HamelFri, 07/06/2018

Is it just us or has this been a crazy year in music so far? So many albums have been released, making it almost impossible to choose our favourites! From Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy to Leon Bridges’ Good Thing, here is our non-exhaustive list of this year’s best (so far). Read up and take a listen!


MGMT - Little Dark Age


After a few years of silence, MGMT makes a grandiose return with Little Dark Age. The band has evolved through time; starting off with the indie album, Oracular Spectacular (2007), and surprising us this year with a synth-pop based album. Theirs is a unique sound: experimental music with pop influences. Little Dark Age feels like a new beginning for the band, and it’s a promising one.


Rhye - Blood


Following the success of Woman, and after 5 years of radio silence, Rhye is back in full force with Blood. This album explores different genres while maintaining their signature smooth R&B sound. It is safe to say that Blood brings us on an eye-opening musical journey. Our romantic side loves it!


Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy


We can’t stop singing Cardi B’s whole album. From Latin-influenced songs to tracks with powerful verses, she proves she is one of the strongest and most talented female rappers in the hip-hop world. Some punchlines are laugh-out-loud funny. Worth the wait, and the listen.


Kali Uchis - Isolation


Kali’s debut album is simply amazing. After years of being a featured artist, she is finally forging her own path and uses her powerful voice to create a mix of reggaetón, funk, and R&B sounds. Her track “Tyrant” featuring Jorja Smith is outstanding, and the combination of their gorgeous voices makes us dream. Kali Uchis matches lush beats with an even lusher voice, and we love it.


Sofi Tukker - Treehouse


You will never find yourself losing interest listening to Sofi Tukker’s first studio album. Fun and refreshing, their electro beats have something “dancy” and colourful that will make you move. This American duo expands their creativity by including Portuguese lyrics in some of their songs, making it intriguingly different. With this music passion and creativity in a debut album, there is no doubt that they will continue to blossom in the music world!


Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer


Janelle proves us once again that she is a multi-talented artist. She can write, rap, and sing, all while delivering powerful messages on racial issues, sexuality, and feminism –  to name just a few. This album is kind of a liberation for her, since she identifies as pansexual. All in all, a great insight into important societal themes in an upbeat and head-bopping way.

You can also look at her colourful videos and check out our album review.


Leon Bridges - Good Thing


The authenticity behind this album is striking. Bridges gives us chills with his soul-centered voice. This album is the kind that you can easily play in the background because of its easy-listening nature, but can also get you moving and vibing to his more jazzy tracks. With its mix of slower jams and party music, this record is appropriate for any occasion. Enjoy!


Pusha-T - Daytona


We have been waiting for this album since 2015, and it doesn’t disappoint. It might be short, but it certainly is satisfactory, as quality has taken over quantity. The beats are solid, and the message is clear. Pusha-T is back and better than ever! Want to read more about this great record? Check out our in-depth album review!


Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts


One of the best collabs we’ve heard this year. It’s been 5 years since Kid Cudi left the GOOD Music label, and Kanye announced on Twitter that they were going to release a 7-track album together, making everyone go crazy. On this album, not only do you get the satisfaction of hearing Old Kanye’s production, but you get the vibe and the feeling of Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon era. The mix is purely nostalgic and magical.


Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour


Probably the most innovative and creative country artist of our era. Her vocals are delightful and sophisticated. The East Texas singer-songwriter brings a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine to our day. She will definitely change country music and leave her mark, and we are HERE FOR IT.


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