2019 Summer Events | National Restaurant Association & C2 Event

By: AdrianaFri, 06/14/2019
Stingray Business Summer Events

NRA Show in Chicago

The Stingray team attended the restaurant industry event of the year, where we had the chance to learn, experience, network, sample, and test all the latest restaurant industry offerings. While at the show, we showcased our range of digital signage products at the Stingray Booth.

Stingray Business Booth Self-order kiosk at the Stingray Business Booth

Jeff Peter presents a self-order kiosk at the Stingray Business Booth. 

Thank you for the great experience, Chicago! 

C2 Montreal 

We had a great time at the 2019 edition of C2 Montreal, one of the most forward-thinking business events in the world, as a partner for the third year in a row. We had an incredible view of the main conference stage, where we tuned into presentations by the inspiring Guy Laliberté, Spike Lee, and Will.i.am.

Stingray Business Booth View

Event Highlights

We had the chance to watch one of Stingray’s very own team members, music designer Brian Joseph, interview the talented film director, producer, actor, and author, Spike Lee! During Brian’s 17 years in broadcasting, this was the first time he interviewed a celebrity on-camera. Brian describes Spike Lee as a mindful individual. Throughout the interview, Spike Lee demonstrated a genuine interest in Quebec politics, which surprised Brian: “Here was Spike Lee asking me to explain Bill 21!”

Stingray team interviewing Spike Lee

During the event, we welcomed Director of MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, to the Stingray booth, where we had the chance to discuss the future of artificial intelligence. He helped us understand how business can use AI to increase data safety security and help expand business growth and development. 

Throughout the three-day event, we also participated in labs, yoga with goats, personality tests, and more! 


Thank you for the great experience, C2, and see you next year! 

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