Introducing the All New Premium Channels

By: AdrianaThu, 05/30/2019
premium channel selection

Music channels designed exclusively for your business.

Our brand-new lineup of Premium channels goes beyond classic genre-driven playlists to create the perfect ambiance for your commercial space. Choose from 11 channels curated by our team of music designers. These specialized channels blend complementary genres to create specific moods.

By matching your music to your brand, you will create a more in-depth customer experience. Having a playlist that is uniquely designed with your business in mind creates the best experience for your clients and keeps them coming back for more!

Our Premium Channel Selection

All our premium channels have been designed with your business in mind. Premium channels are available on our store and forward media players, as well as on our streaming platforms.

Our selection of premium channels: Elegant, Defiant, Throwback, Reflective, Energetic, Tranquility, Sophisticated, Mainstream, Jukebox, Vibrant, and Metropolitan.

All our channels offer fully licensed and legal music for commercial use. Our premium channels come with brand new features, listed below.

NEW Premium Channel Features: offer:

-Specialized channels that blend complimentary genres to create specific moods.

-Channels focused on the needs of specific industries and their target client base.

-1000+ songs per channel, giving your tons of variety and minimal song repetition.

-Various tempos

-Available on store and forward players, and streaming platforms.

Visit our music sample page at to learn more about our Premium Channels or contact us at 1.888.685.2486 or at