Customized Background Music Influences Your Restaurant's Customers

By: AdrianaMon, 07/22/2019
Individual listening to customized background music at a restaurant

70% of Canadians say that hearing music makes them stay longer in restaurants. Consequently, testing which music compliments the dining experience best is important for restaurant success. According to the vice president of licensing of SOCAN, finding and selecting music that reflects your brand should be part of the restaurant’s overall marketing strategy.

Ways music can influence your customers’ perceptions, emotions, and actions. 

  1. Speed and Genre of Music

The speed of music influences our perception of time.

Exposure to fast-paced music can cause us to feel like time is moving faster, while slow-paced music can have an inverse effect. By playing faster music, your customers may feel as if they’ve been in your restaurant for a shorter time than they actually have, which can lead to increased table turnover. Slowing music, conversely, can cause your customers to remain in your restaurant longer and potentially buy more food and drinks. 

Music can also be identified as simple and complex music. Complex genres like heavy metal and jazz take more focus to listen to than simpler genres such as pop or hip-hop. Using complex music can be more distracting to customers, which can affect your restaurant in a negative way. Simple music, on the other hand, can easily complement your restaurant’s decor and food.

  1. Mood

It is best to play major key songs in your restaurant so your customers can develop positive brand associations. These key songs consist of a happy sound. Major key sounds can make your staff seem even more friendly, affecting your customers’ perception of someone else’s mood in a good way.

  1. Perceived Price

The right type of music can influence how customers perceive menu items. For instance, if your restaurant is expensive, classical music might defeat the shock of expensive prices and result in higher sales. On the other hand, some restaurants make the mistake of creating an atmosphere that creates an expectation of high prices but then play fast-paced pop music to increase table turnover.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important to work with someone who knows which music strategy works best for a specific industry. uses custom, brand-focused music to elevate the customer and employee brand experience. Not only do we offer genre-specific playlists to suit any mood, but we also create tailor-made ambiances for commercial spaces.  

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