Digital Signage Future Trends in 2019

By: AdrianaWed, 07/03/2019
Stingray Business Customized Digital Signage

Digital Signage is consistently improving thanks to its customized transforming hardware.

In today’s retail environment, it can be difficult for retailers to connect with customers because distractions such as phones, billboards, and displays compete for user attention. For brick and mortar retailers especially, connecting to customers can be a major challenge. Therefore, marketers are adapting to new trends and appealing differently to customers.

By using digital signage, retailers can be at an advantage to attract customers.

According to the 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends Report, two-thirds of retailers surveyed said improved branding was the greatest benefit of digital signage, followed by improved customer service. Digital signage has been rapidly expanding its reach in nearly every market and area, especially indoors. Small and large retailers are using greater numbers of digital signage to advertise, promote branding, and improve customer experience.

Continuing Growth

Digital transformation has been booming since 2018, and it will continue impacting organizations in 2019. According to a Forrester Research survey, 46% of executives believe that in less than five years, digital will have an impact on more than half their sales. Moreover, the World Economic Forum estimated that digital transformation has the potential to create as much as $100 trillion in combined value for both industry and society by 2025.

Benefits of Digital Signage

1. Increases customer engagement

2. Increases brand awareness

3. Enhances customer experience

4. Displays content 24/7

5. Customizable content

To benefit from digital signage, it is crucial to work with someone who knows how to transform your business into hubs of digital innovations. There are limitless ways to apply customized digital signage solution inside and outside your business.

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