Taking Control of the Retail Environment with Licensed Music

By: AdrianaMon, 05/06/2019
Coffee Shop

Have you ever experienced frustration due to repetitive music playing at your favorite coffee shop? You’re not alone! A recent CBC article reported on how Starbucks workers took to Reddit to complain about how they had to listen to the same music all day. Not only does repetitive music create an undesirable work environment, but it is also said to be a “serious workers’ rights issue” for many individuals who have been working in restaurants and bars for years.

Repetitive music has become a problem in some industries, and employees consider music to be an important factor in helping to create better working conditions.

Choosing the right music environment makes a difference! 

A study conducted by Applied Ergonomics concluded that playing the right background music at work can even lead to economic benefit and raise efficiency within the workplace.

Using background music as a tool to improve working conditions can result in having happier employees and happier customers as well. Choosing specific music for certain tasks can help develop a motivating routine.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important to work with someone who knows which music strategy works best for a specific industry. Stingray Business uses custom, brand-focused music to elevate the customer and employee brand experience. Not only do we offer genre-specific playlists to suit any mood, but we also create tailor-made ambiances for commercial spaces.  

Do you now feel like exploring our music library? Contact us and choose from our unrivaled selection of background music channels or develop your signature sound with a branded channel.


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