By: Stingray CuratorsThu, 11/25/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: 2021 Stingray Music’s Guest Curators

What is your favorite artist or band listening to? Listen to their playlist on Stingray Music!

By: Stingray CuratorsTue, 11/23/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: Los programadores invitados del 2021 para Stingray Music

Mira la lista de programadores invitados que seleccionaron música para ti en uno de nuestros canales en el año 2021!

By: LucilleTue, 11/23/2021
Programmateurs invités de Stingray Musique | 2021

Ce que vos artistes préférés écoutent 

By: Stingray CuratorsSat, 11/20/2021
Shawn Mendes, Karol G, Lil Nas X: Curadores convidados do Stingray Music em 2021

O que seu artista ou banda favoritos estão ouvindo? Ouça as playlists deles no Stingray Music!

By: CharlesFri, 04/30/2021
Rock et Belles Oreilles: 40 ans et une programmation très spéciale!

La chaine RBO de Stingray mettra de l’avant leur solide répertoire musical et plus de 70 introductions parlées qui vous feront sourire ou rire à coup sûr!

By: CharlesFri, 07/31/2020
Entrevue avec Corneille

Rencontre avec Corneille, notre programmateur invité pendant tout le mois d'aout.

By: CharlesWed, 01/23/2019
Hubert Lenoir | Programmateur invité | Janvier 2019

Quelle récréation de débuter lannée avec Hubert Lenoir comme artiste du mois de janvier sur notre chaîne vedette Stingray Musique!

By: NoémiTue, 04/03/2018
ACM Awards | Special Programming

Get ready for the biggest names in country, on the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards channel. From the rising-stars to legendary chart dominators, this star-studded selection features all the nominated artists from this year’s awards. The special programming channel will be available April 3 to April 30, 2018. 

By: SydneyWed, 06/07/2017
Montreal International Jazz Festival Channel

As Montreal-based company, we are extremely proud of our music scene! Get ready for the most important jazz festival in the world! This special channel, inspired by the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, features songs and instrumental pieces by celebrated bands and artists from coast to coast.

By: SydneyFri, 05/05/2017
Linkin Park | Celebrity Channel

We are lucky enough to have world-renowned group, Linkin Park, as our Celebrity Channel programmers this month! Few artists effortlessly blend genres, emotions, and ideas with a voice as signature as theirs. This channel features the biggest genre-bending hits of their career and a selection of tracks personally chosen by the band.