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By: NedjmaTue, 09/05/2017
Guest | New Contributor | Digital Drum

The Stingray blog is a passion project.

It was born of a desire to share our love of music, more specifically our love of musical and cultural diversity; both at home and abroad.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the immense talent of Canadian artists, we recently announced a content partnership with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Native Communications Inc., and First Peoples Radio Inc. to promote Aboriginal music from Canada.

The first step in this partnership was the creation of two channels of Aboriginal music (which we recommend you listen to right now!)

Today, we get to share more exciting news.


We are  thrilled to welcome Digital Drum as a guest contributor.

Digital Drum is a music media platform that showcases innovative Indigenous talent from Canada.

Digital Drum’s goals are two-fold: first, inspire Indigenous youth through the arts in general and music in particular, and second, support and promote Indigenous music artists across Canada (and, increasingly, the U.S.)

Digital Drum will bring you closer to the artists, programs, and events in the Indigenous music community.

You won’t want to miss their exclusive videos, in-depth interviews with emerging and established Indigenous musicians, photo galleries of music festivals, awards shows, and events, as well as general news relating to the Indigenous music scene.

Stay tuned for exceptional content every month!


Listen to Aboriginal Music from Canada – Contemporary

Listen to Aboriginal Music from Canada – Retro


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